Can we bring Morrissey to my town


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You and millions of others, I suspect.....
You have more chance than I (live in Melbourne, Australia).
But, good luck with your wish!

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I've met him twice, but once was by chance and the other time was just due to me hanging around the sound check door hoping for a peek at him. He's not easy to meet. I hear that he enjoys chance encounters way more than when he's being stalked or waited for... Which makes sense, really.


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Sorry. All my ideas involve duct tape, rope and other minor variations thereof.
Duct tape's on sale at Michaels. Just got back from there. In tons of colors too.


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Minor variation thereof: How about...

Of course, you'd need LOADS more tape than that. (Disclaimer: The result might be less sexy.)


Maybe you could arrange a fake meeting and say a record label wants you on their label and when Morrissey turns up, he meets his fate to one of his own fans....kidnap! :lbf:
Entice him into a well-sprung Taxi and you can take him anywhere....;)
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