Can anyone upload The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive...

...which was showed on bbc2 yesterday or a few days ago in england?

i can't watch bbc2 where i am (denmark) and i've heard lots of good things about the programme, so i wondered if someone on this board recorded it and is able to upload it??!?!

thanks in advance, just in case...

I wonder what Morrissey think of Stephen Fry? They seem like they might have a lot in common.


hi its on which is a torrent will need the bittorrent programme to download it. great fot next day downloads of british/us tv shows.i saw the programme last night actually interesting but didnt come to any real conclusions.good luck.
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download the "bittorrent" programme from software you need to download anything from torrent sites.then just go on to search for the "secret life..." then youll see it, hit it twice then open as appossed to save then just ll be presently suprised to see the amount of movies,music available and thats only one bitcomet for a list of other search engines.........ciao
thanks again noel - got it now. downloading via bit-torrent was very easy :) quite interesting programme, though it seems more of a personal journey for stephen fry than an 'objective' investigation, still worth seeing...
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