Calling German Smiths fans circa 1984 - Wiki help regarding cancelled, 'lost' concert

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The Red Guitars supported The Smiths in '83 & '84 - they catalogued their performances and via:

"Sunday 29th April, Batschkapp, Frankfurt ‐ cancelled due to the Smiths pulling out."

They suggest The Smiths were scheduled to play Frankfurt at the end of April, '84. There is zero information out there to substantiate it other than the above and a vague PJLM reference to several gigs 'cancelled at the last minute', but the Wiki here records cancelled or known gigs that ended up never happening. The rest of their concert information is bang on, so no reason to doubt them.
In that light, does any German Smiths' fan at the time recall anything about this event and why it didn't go ahead? The band were certainly in the right part of the world to attend - anything a bit more specific would be helpful. Did it get as far as flyers?
If you can help, please comment below.
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