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  1. everydayslikesunday

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    Jun 13, 2006
    I fell head over heels in love with Suede last year after seeing them in Oxford performing Dog Man Star in its entirety. I think the quality of song writing during the first three albums is staggering and very much like The Smiths, their best tracks weren't always the ones released as singles. Personally my favourite five tracks are Asphalt World (album track), The Living Dead (B-side), So Young (single), Pantomime Horse (album track) & Killing of a Flash boy (B-side)

    Are there any other Suede fans out there?
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    yes i was trans on the suede board for a while but fell out with other members over childishness and so dont post there any more. my only advice to new suede fans is to pick up the tears album, brett and bernrad, especially if youre a fan from the early days. also pick up every b-side as they all hold merit and can make some really nice b-side comp albums. check out bretts solo stuff as well. very ballady but still worth while imo as hes a very good song writer and singer. just dont expect anything like suede with his solo stuff. more mood music imo
  3. everydayslikesunday

    everydayslikesunday Junior Member

    Jun 13, 2006
    I post on the suede board but do find the fans there to be a bit unhelpful.

    I've got the three Brett Anderson live albums from 2007 which I think are excellent. I've got the Tears album just haven't got around to playing it yet, I'll give it a go tonight.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    yeah some of those shows and some after were just great and a really neat thing to do with the reworking etc. try out the tears and i dont think youll be disappointed. its a bit brighter and cinematic to use a tired term but still pretty amazing. beautiful pain is a fav among many of mine and im sure autograph will stick out even on first listen. if you like go get the b-sides from that project as well. bretts solo b-sides are also very very good mother night sticking out in my memory at the moment
  5. Tynamuna

    Tynamuna Guest

    They are still living in the nineties
  6. :(

    there was not, is not and will not be any band like 'the smiths'! :(


  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    well it was mostly just people being consistently purposely rude so i tired of it and went somewhere else to kill time while i work on other things. jay is always great and usually around but thats about it on that forum though there is some bleed over here. or at least there used to be, now it just seems like theyre here. if you have any suede question every day ask and maybe ill be able to help. i saw your request on the suede forum and that of course jay was the man to come help. bless him
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    even joyce said when he joined that it was to much like the smiths especially when bernard was just playing smiths lines all over the place. its why arts guitar part is like identical to the bass part of barbarism. they just took out the coyness and added overtly sexual lyrics instead of implication. remember when moz covered my insatiable one and took out all the out and out sexual bits. i think that a good example of the two similarities and differences
  9. ????

    i just don't get it!!!

    if joyce said that this means i'm not right!

    do you have opinions of three other members of 'the smiths'?
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    being a matter of taste im not really trying to make you wrong so no it doesnt mean youre not right but as a member of the smiths i think his opinion on there sound somewhat valid and worth considering. i presented it as an example that im not alone in the opinion that early suede sounds like the smiths be it by the author of this thread or a professional musician who played in one of the bands used in the disputed comparison

  11. :)

    i'm sorry if i left impression of rudeness.

    as random listener of 'suede' and brett anderson i can tell you that every single one of their songs (i've heard about 20) sounds to me like little emotional hymn (yes, hymn:)). they're, simply, won-der-ful but i'm NOT familiar about ANY fact about their nascency and performing.

    on the other side, 'the smiths' and morrissey (adding johnny marr as composer, guitarist, band member, guest musician, producer and collaborator in many musical master-pieces) to me mean peaks in musical history of 20th and 21st century.

    'the smiths' as the band, for me, were unique and unrepeatable (also uncomparable :)) product of one PERFECT period in history of pop-music.
    ('the smiths' of steven patrick morrissey, john martin maher/marr, andrew michael rourke and michael joyce).

    but morrissey i love and respect the most.

    yes, i am blind. :rofl:

    that's why i'm here.

    kind regards.
  12. Skylarker

    Skylarker Guest

    I was pretty obsessed as a teenager. I got to see them at the Cabaret Metro for the first two records. Second time was right after Richie joined.

    There is nothing like the first two albums...and associated recordings. They were really prolific and had a lot of b-sides and the quality throughout was epic.

    These days it is hard to play anything after the third album....unless I fan edit the hell out of Head Music and A New Morning.

    A really great band for awhile though, absolutely.
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  13. everydayslikesunday

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    Jun 13, 2006
    Hi Skylarker

    I agree, practically everything Butler and Anderson wrote in that period is amazing. The third album, whilst you could argue it is not as good, it is still a great album. The quality of the song writing does unfortunately start to slide on Head Music and A New Morning, however Bloodsports is good. For me, Dog Man Star is my favourite album, although I generally listen more to Sci-Fi Lullabies, probably because a lot of the tracks are new to me.

    I've got the Tears album in the car at the moment which isn't bad.

    The Suede forum is complete pants though!
  14. Skylarker

    Skylarker Guest

    I think Coming Up is incredible; it just is way too glam for glam's sake and way too sugary...even though the songs are really catchy, most of them just don't have the gravity of the first two albums. I think that if some of the darker, heavier b-sides had been added, the record would have a lot more staying power and muscle. To me, that was when Suede started to become a cartoon of themselves.

    Head Music could have been a very solid album if about half of it was replaced with b-sides. A New Morning is hopeless. Ugh. The horror...

    The Tears album is either phenomenal or every bit as insipid as A New Morning. Depends on the song.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    yeah the first two albums have an emotional weight to them that doesnt get replicated again. i have to say i dont line up with typical suede fans as i think a new morning better than head music or coming up these days. coming up is ok but i get bored of it very quickly for reasons youve already stated. i find that album to be very much a record of its moment. i however love the folk of lonely girls and beautiful loser has a great guitar part while songs like oceans and you belong to me round it out nicely. sadly i think coming up could have been even better in the long run than it was in the moment had they went with some of the b-sides such as young men this time or another no one.
  16. Tynamuna

    Tynamuna Guest

    Best suede album: sci fi lullabies :love::rock::bow:
    The best of everything
    But best non-complimation cd is suede's debut suede, i think IT was better than dog man star

    Head music was a miss :(
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  17. Skylarker

    Skylarker Guest

    Oceans is a wonderful track, yes. Really really good song. Almost redeems the album.

  18. Tynamuna

    Tynamuna Guest

    Another no one just heartbreaking
  19. Skylarker

    Skylarker Guest

    Here are my fan edits of the last three original-run Suede LPs.

    They consist of track re-sequencings, edits of songs deemed too long, removal of songs deemed crap, inclusion of songs deemed great that should never have been left off the album to begin with.

    Where possible all sources were the deluxe/remastered editions.

    I feel these revised versions make these three flawed albums very enjoyable. If you agree, cool.

    If not, I'll be losing a lot of sleep tonight.

    Coming Up (Skylarker Edition)

    The Chemistry Between us (edit)
    We're So Disco
    Elaine Paige
    These Are The Sad Songs
    The Beautiful Ones
    By The Sea
    The Sound Of The Streets
    Saturday Night
    This Time

    Head Music (Skylarker Edition)

    Crack In The Union Jack (edit)
    Let Go
    Elephant Man
    He's Gone
    Implement Yeah!
    She's In Fashion
    Crackhead (edit)
    Since You Went Away
    Down (edit)
    God's Gift
    Everything Will Flow

    A New Morning (Skylarker Edition)

    Morning (edit)
    Golden Gun (demo)
    Rainy Day Girl
    One Love
    One Hit To The Body
    Lonely Girls
    Lost In TV
    You Belong To Me​
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  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    And this board is more mature...?! ;)

    I saw them many times before they split, but for my money the best Suede gig ever was the reunion for TCT at the Royal Albert Hall - absolutely electrifying. Band on top form, killer setlist and five and a half thousand people so thrilled to see them back.

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