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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lanterns, Jun 11, 2019.

By lanterns on Jun 11, 2019 at 7:05 PM
  1. lanterns

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    Nov 19, 2014
    Poland. - Morrissey Central
    June 11, 2019

    Morrissey's "California Son" is spending its third week in the top 5 in Poland.

    "Moje szczere dzieki dla Polski!" - Morrissey.

    Opera Momentaufnahme_2019-06-11_200736_www.morrisseycentral.com.png

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lanterns, Jun 11, 2019.

    1. Trill
      It’s very weird. Don’t know why people can’t properly answer these questions (I mean, I do) but instead get defensive. But I genuinely would like my question answered.
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    2. marred
      But then how would sniffling little cowards contribute to the discussion?
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    3. Cornflakes
      This is just an educated guess, but according to Wikipedia, Poland has a vinyl chart, but it does not seem to be published online. Possibly, Morrissey is in the top five in this chart, given how, just like anywhere else, the Polish vinyl market is probably quite different to the wider music market. So, Morrissey and/or his representatives are selling you the true lie that he has gone top five there. It's gone a long way past self-parody now.
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    4. Anonymous
      There is a official Polish weekly vinyl chart
      ... and there is no California Son . Only reissues or polish artists ;)
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    5. Cornflakes
      Hmmm. Well, it's fair to say that Moz is in dire straits, so it's not surprising if he feels that taking credit for their vinyl sales isn't such a big lie.
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    6. Anonymous
      I am Polish and I find Skinnys comment racist, offensive, xenophobic, and it triggered me.
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    7. Anonymous
      Shouldn’t you be at some market buying knock-off Adidas tracksuit pants? Or unblocking a Brit’s bog?

      Seriously though you gormless snowflake, if that triggers you, have a look at what Moreissey says about brown people. And fat people.
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    8. Pablo Honey
      Pablo Honey
      Blame it on Grey Goose
    9. gordyboy9
      make an account
      you have got a fucking cheek,you vote down everything I post,lower than a snakes belly.
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    10. Anonymous
      much better then having a Kim Wilde avatar in 2019
    11. Anonymous
      lol .... when the polish speak about xenophobia
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    12. Pretty Graves
      Pretty Graves
      First gave California Son a 7/10 when I listened to it. Now it gets a 9/10. So very good and it keeps getting better. The only complaint is that it is to short.
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    13. Anonymous
      Morrissey doesn't say anything about "brown people".

      Anyway, this person is POLISH, so why should they be offended by a comment about brown people instead of your ethnicist comments here? This is bigotry and you can't pass it off with tu quoque.
    14. ACTON
      The CD of Californicated Sin is £4.99 on Amazon UK today.
    15. FatGayVegan
      The June 13 Top 50 album chart for Poland has been published with sales data collected between May 31 and June 6, 2019. This relates to the second week of release for California Son and the Morrissey collection does not appear at any position in the Top 50.

      You can see the Top 50 albums for Poland for this week at the link:

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    16. Pokey

      Imagine thinking you are doing a noble thing, whilst insulting people at the same time. We aren't naive, this isn't about morals or values or anything, you're just enjoying being a troll ... and therefore your words are pretty empty. So again, lol.
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    17. Anonymous
      sure it was a joke #epicfail
    18. Anonymous
      I suppose you have never been in Poland and you know nothing about polish people :paranoid:... lol
    19. Anonymous
    20. Anonymous
      :thumb: Right, this picture explains everything . These young people bought California son . That's why CS is in the Top 5 in Poland

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