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Poland. - Morrissey Central
June 11, 2019

Morrissey's "California Son" is spending its third week in the top 5 in Poland.

"Moje szczere dzieki dla Polski!" - Morrissey.

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Hooray! Morrissey remains in the top 5 among people in a country - who overwhelmingly voted-in a group of right-wing, xenophobic Christian fundamentalists!

Pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?
eh no it doesn't actually sum it up at all.
For some reason us swedes cannot take polish people seriously. I try and picture how the handy man Pawel is listening to Moz singing covers. Maybe they play it at the speedway track?

I see them in shops at times and polish people have a special neck and back of the head that tells you where they are from. They used to be mighty and ruled Europe but how sad is it to talk about the past and what you used to be long before you lived?

Pawel sings Moz with a polish accent while drinking cöyfy which is a polish version of coffee that is made from garden soil that they roasted. Pawel takes the damp damaged wallpaper that hangs down and rolls it into a mic and dances at his latest place of work and sings along.

Pawel Golota moved to Sweden and became a c*** that tried his hardest to make swedes have their cars fail at the MOT until we dragged him out in the woods and beat him so badly he never walked again.

I sometimes see him in his wheelchair and I pretend to smoke a cigar cause he cannot enjoy one ever again. People from Poland deserve to be the hounds of Eruope and they are useless at speedway too.
you couldny beat a carpet ya toerag.
FAKE NEWS it seems

or he was mixed it up with the new Rammstein album
Can anyone share links that show the California Son chart placements in Poland that this Morrissey Central post reports?

I found the official Poland Top 50 albums from the week California Son was released (sales period 24/05/2019 - 30/05/2019) with a chart date of June 6, 2019 and Morrissey is not in the official Top 50 let alone the Top 5, contradicting the Morrissey Central post.

You can see the full Top 50 from the week of California Son release here:


The chart for the second week of release of California Son in Poland will be published soon so it is possible that it climbed from outside the Top 50 to become Top 5, but not even placing in the Top 50 in its first week makes it impossible for it to have been Top 5 for three weeks running as reported by Morrissey Central.

OLiS has been the official Top 50 album chart compiler and reporter since 2000.

You can watch for news of the new Top 50 albums (published soon) online here:

Ha!! More lies from Morrissey. Cool.
If I was running this website I would write to zpav.pl to check whether this news is truth or false. or are you waiting for the Guardian to do it? (*hint)
Maybe he is you, as I always suspected.
2 for the price of 1.

When do you arrive in Sweden and where should I pick you up?

I'll be at arrivals with flowers and balloons and chocolate. You have italian in you, mama mia.
There are so many polish people here at Solo and they are so mad at being such failures they have to work on peoples houses in Sweden.
california son info
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