"California Son" released (May 24, 2019); full album now on YouTube

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, May 24, 2019.

By Famous when dead on May 24, 2019 at 12:21 AM
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    California Son is released on May 24, 2019.

    Posted May 21:

    Posted May 25:

    Posted May 28:

    At about 12:05 UK time, all the rest of the album tracks were posted on Morrissey's YouTube.

    Press the icon at the top left to select other songs:


    A short promo video for the album:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, May 24, 2019.

    1. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      good news for a change


      A wonderful record,

      that won’t

      be silenced.

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    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      The 2 vinyl versions of the record (not including 'test pressing') both come with 2 paper liners.
      1 advertising a large part of the back catalogue throughout the years via various label's products.
      The other outlining credits for each song and a tiny bit of recording info:

      (Click on the images to enlarge).

      There is no matrix / dead wax message on the vinyl.
      The CD version is a card slipcase and features the back catalogue advert on the inside gatefold.
      The CD also has the same uniformed figure printed on it as the vinyl's middle labels.
      The digital formats range from VBR MP3/M4A to 320 MP3 plus some have FLAC & 24-bit/96kHz FLAC.

      The actual card stock for the record sleeve is quite good.
      The blue vinyl is a very consistent, rich light blue and is probably worth paying the tiny bit extra for if you have the opportunity.

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    3. celibate
      it's a give away, if the full album is on youtube, got a message from Morrissey [its management/PR] there were 5 video's, have to check my mail.

      Though I hope it will be a first week chart top 10 in the UK
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    4. celibate
      the 5 video's were 5 songs, only audio on youtube...
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    5. Anonymous
      LOVE IT!

      Especially love the Bob Dylan cover. A wonderful and vibrant collection of songs - sung by the best crooner in the business.
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    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      1969 ................

      I love both versions, imagine his live! It’s gonna rock!
      Was also thinking of how it could have fit onto one of his last two albums.

      2019 and still rings true today

      School bell go "Ding! Dong! Ding!"
      The children all line up
      They do what they are told
      Take a little drink from the liar's cup.
      Mama don't really care
      If what they learn is true
      Or if it's only lies.
      Just get them through the factories
      Into production
      Ah, get them into line.
      Late in the afternoon
      The children all come home
      They mind their manners well
      Their little lives are all laid out.
      Mama don't seem to care
      If she may break their hearts
      She clips their wings off, they never learn to fly.
      Poor Mama needs a source of pride
      A doctor son she'll have
      No matter what the cost
      to manhood or to soul.
      Sun shine down, brightly shine
      Down on all the land
      Shine down on the newborn lambs
      A butcher's knife is in his hand.
      Mama, she keeps them unprepared
      To meet the enemy
      That's comin' unto us.
      Teach them that evil dwells
      across the sea
      Lives in a mountain
      Like they see on TV.
      Down in the heart of town
      The Devil dresses up
      He keeps his nails clean
      Did you think he'd be a boogeyman?
      Oh, Mama's stuck with sagging dreams
      She'll sell a son or two into some slavery
      That's lucrative and fine.
      Just teach them not to criticize
      Say "Yes" to bosses, impress the clients
      Ah teachers of the world teach them to fake it well.
      School bell go "Ding! Dong! Ding!"
      The children all line up
      They do what they are told
      Take a little drink from the liar's cup.

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    7. Anonymous
      On the youtube uploading of the album debate, exactly the same occurred with LIHS and I posted about it at the time - albeit that time the upload was after four days or so. In terms of the sales impact of this, I'd imagine people with a passing Morrissey interest (or just want to save £10) would now be more reluctant to bother with it all, it certainly won't help sales, but if the man was interested in people with a passing interest he would have stopped doing lots of things a while back.

      So why do they do this? The youtube views of each song do contribute towards its streaming sales, just the same as spotify, but completely free and with fewer adverts (although youtube now has a premium service of course to remove the adverts); about 3% of all music streaming royalties derive from youtube (but the price per unit is a fraction of pennies compared to the physical sales): so in my opinion there should be a temporary youtube embargo in the first week of sales for any new release. That would make more sense commercially but this doesn't change the fact the entire album was leaked onto youtube on monday by a private user, it was available for about 6 hours, and then removed...

      By the way, I actually rate the album as excellent, I especially like Days of Decision, and I just hope it tours the UK before this year. I have my doubts though because of all the stories taking someone far to0 seriously for their politics, it's even wearing me down and I have small ears, it is a separate longer debate I've steered clear of till now, but it is clearly partly tied up with the advantageous animal welfare pledges made by For Britain, which is a good thing for animals of course, although the motivations for making these pledges is questionable, and I'm sure has been pointed out by many, I am surprised Moz is actively promoting them so fervently, and has not made some statement regarding his support being aligned mainly to the animal protectionist issue he has always fought for (it would bring many back around and give him a chance to step away from the more questionable ideals they hold). I digress, this is meant to be a review, great songs, viva moz, Happy Birthday et cetera.
    8. Eric Hartman
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    9. Thewlis
      A great album, certainly his most diverse, covering a wide range of musical styles.
      Suffer the Little Children and Days of Decision are early favourites.
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    10. Anonymous
      Suffer the little children and Days of decision are just brilliant.

      Overall it’ll take a couple more listens to get fully into it but it’s a nice refreshing change to hear these covers.

      Can’t wait for the next album of original songs.
    11. gordyboy9
      did you think he was a boogeyman.
    12. gordyboy9
      the four we heard before are definitely the most radio friendly,love suffer also really like loneliness remembers and don't interrupt.
    13. Flibberty
      It's a very strong covers album.

      Suffer the Little Children, Days of Decision, Lady Willpower and Some Say I Got Devil are my current faves.
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    14. Lionsy
      Fantastic album, my favourites are When You Close Your Eyes, Lonliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets and Suffer The little Children. For the first time in a while I think he chose the right singles, though - Wedding Bell Blues has been a hit on Radio 2 and probably the reason it's record of the week, it's going to help sell copies and will hopefully end up with a number one.
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    15. Anonymous
    16. Anonymous
      I’m still loving on some say I got devil
    17. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Expect an appearance on "Joney's Jukebox" aka Steve Jones from the Pistols show sometime soon......talks are underway.
    18. BookishBoy
      Top 3 looks likely but I can't see this album (in week 1) selling more than Lewis Capaldi's album (in its second week).
    19. 9 x Fined

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