California Son Interview Series: Jobriath's Morning Starship (25 May, 2019)


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I'd love to see Boz and even Matt on one of these (given the fantastic drum programming on the album), but who knows if it'll happen.



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Not being facetious, but is the most Jesse has spoken on camera since joining the band?
Nice mini-doc, nice cover.


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I reckon it would be top mental if Eddie Kramer produced and John Frusciante played guitar (instead of just giving The California Son guitar lessons at Sunset Sound every week) on The California Son's next album "Malibu's Most Wanted" inn nn nnnn nn it camden chipper curry m8 n n nn it.
If ya got Eddie Kramer sayin' ya did a good job then it means somethin'.
Most folks are more interested in the opinion of some random reviewer who they never even heard of.


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I love this. I wish they would do one for all the new studio tracks in the future too. That would be awesome.

Jesse has a much deeper voice than I would have imagined. I think it makes him more appealing


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Interview series - does that mean there's more to come?
It is really a treat to have Jobriath's former producer on it.


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This is beautiful. Thank you Morrissey for bringing us Jobriath from the past, he is such a talented artist.
By the way, what a great voice has Jesse. Does he sing?
that's what I said the other day,it was the first time Iv heard his voice.
Morrissey made the band introduce themselves on stage some time ago, but that's also the only time I remember him talking.
Can't remember if he actually talked during that interview that was on the Ringleader bonus disk. Wasn't he just sitting there looking miserable while Morrissey talked about how much he liked him?
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