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Well said. Morrissey is a critical thinker and is in my opinion the only artist not scared of the establishment and will never bow down to the Queen. All the so called celebs such as Sir Elton all promote the agenda. This week Sir Elton on back of his film states he is European. Don't trust any artist with Sir or any government award.

Martin L Gore is legend and I adored your comments. I don't entirely agree with supplying Gahan, but respect what you said with a cheeky smile. "Where's the Revolution" and "Going backwards" are already iconic in stature.
Well to elaborate, Doesnt Martin write all the songs and music, and although Gahan voice has been behind alot if hits .ALOT I SAY...everybody knows Gahan could not make it solo and Martin has proven he can because he is so talented...I dont know I just gave up on his gravel voice(GAHAN).. I know it's my own opinion, but just imagine Martin singing all songs, And Gahan songs started to sound alike, which Morrissey has been able to avoid
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