Cajun Dance Party

Do you have Real Player? usually there's a pop-up when you're on youtube or myspace or any site with audio/video and it lets you download the file.
it works fine with IE and Firefox (though not with the latest version, 3)
thanks again!

I used to have IE and it worked on that, but now I have firefox and it won't work :( I'll keep trying though, you have to see it, they put on a good performance ;)
yeah, that's why i'd like to see it. I keep listening to that bootleg. but if doesn't work it's okay. thank you :)

I can't get it to work, I've now concluded I have the shittest internet explorer :( sorry, maybe some one else will oblige :)
Do they? The Next Untouchable is even worse than the average View lyrics. On the other hand it's the worst song off the album imo.

Ah well, maybe you're right, I probably got a little bit too excited (as I normally do) 'cos they're a newish band and stuff
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