Bye bye Transatlantic flights


In retirement
It's amazingly embarassing how reliant humankind are now on air travel.

On a less intellectual note, my form tutor is stuck abroad, so I can't have my target-setting session tomorrow! :p

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He is, isn't he. Must have a little helper or summat. :lbf:

:highfive: Munchy.

On the radio this morning they were interviewing people living near airports..."hey we can hear the birdies chirping away! Oh look! The sky is blue! Without any white stripes (not the band) etc."

Modern life is absolute rubbish, I wish people would notice, when this kind of thing happens...:rolleyes:

The birds must be really confused, with all this silence. And bunnies must be having parties on tarmac everywhere.:love:

I wish people would notice there's an airport nearby when they buy a house.

Y'know I think it would be worth being stuck in France for four days if the HMS Ark Royal rocked up to take me home.
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