"By The Time I get To Wherever I'm Going" - Lost Morrissey studio track posted by SER

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By tivvissey on Apr 17, 2018 at 6:06 PM
  1. tivvissey

    tivvissey Member

    Oct 11, 2017
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    1. Anonymous
      I had the same thought when I first listened
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    2. 669
      He didn't say anything racist, and polls show that most of what he said is what the majority thinks. (With the exception of his animal rights positions -- he's still ahead of the times on that stuff, but he's right that if you look at what's happening in grocery stores you'll find public opinion trending quickly his way.)
    3. Pablo Honey
      Pablo Honey

      That's all I hear.
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    4. Ryan
      I haven’t read through this thread - @Famous when dead, was this one of the song titles listed with the other supposed LIHS out-takes that were listed on that website?
    5. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Not to my knowledge.


      The song title doesn't appear to ever have appeared on this site either (nor is the track listed on the BMI site people are pinning their hopes on being the source of titles for anything 'deluxe').
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    6. Lionsy
      Thanks for posting! Doesn’t sound like it’s from the LIHS recording session, though! Sounds more like World Peace.

      Catchy music, very odd ending, though.
    7. Old Mathew
      Old Mathew
      I like it. It's obviously not a fully finished track -- no real overdubs, etc. Whoever cited "Please Help the Cause Against Loneliness" is onto something... that bouncy drum beat and bassline are definitely reminiscent. I can imagine how the guitar solo/breakdown at the end could have been filled out if it had made the cut to an actual track.
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    8. g23
      So you're saying he's not actually a twat, just a savvy businessman masquerading as a complete twat.
      Bold fuckin' strategy, Cotton, let's see if it pays off.
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    9. Anonymous
      I agree. It also reminds me a bit of sing your life
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    10. dotmatrix522
      I did too! :thumb:
    11. Try Anything Twice
      Try Anything Twice
      I’m hearing that, too. Lawn. Curious choice.
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    12. Try Anything Twice
      Try Anything Twice
      Tentative steps at marketing by someone who really doesn’t know how. But I’m glad there’s an effort now at least. Better than silence. There should be something of some kind going on most days.
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    13. Pablo Honey
      Pablo Honey
      Did anybody say pork loin?
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    14. Anonymous
      It sounds to me as though the lyrics were a first sketch towards what ultimately became 'Home is a Question Mark'. The same theme of rootless wandering, with an unexpectedly earthy sexual reference acting as a punchline. So I reckon it probably dates well before the latest album - 'World Peace' period-era, most likely.
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    15. Anonymous
      Yes because being out of the Trump something to be respected?... Fucking hell .
      This is how desperate its got gang, not only a fake interview and the whole thing was scripted - what sane person would consider his new lp on a par with the Smiths, let alone better or more varied? What sane person would thank him for World Peace, of all lps ? Then we have the quote about David Bowie not making records like this at a like stage of his career. I'm not that in the know about Bowie so I asked a mate who said "Morrissey obviously hasn't forgiven David for being better than he can ever hop to be. David you see is always going to be the bar he can't rise to . Here are some songs from David at a comparable time - Jump They Say, Slow Burn , Thursdays Child , New Killer Star, not to mention Heathen and his last two lps are better than any Morrissey LP since quarry if not any Morrissey lp full stop "

      On top of that we have Gary Barlow , I mean Sam, I mean 669 trolling solo . Morrissey isn't anymore in touch than any other 55 years old pub idiot going on about crime and the good old days and blacks and muslims . "will of the people " doesn't equal the intelligent option or the best thing to do anyway .
      As for England now having more control they have less after Brexit they are now even more dependent on USA
      By the way have you ever heard Morrisseys mom and dad talk , they sound like Irish potato farmers- Morrissey himself says "annie" instead of "any" et times. Lisping Steven mocking the ways others speak. Hes gone quite mad.

      On top of that we have new guard of American racist on the page , with a slither of Uk ones to make up the numbers. The Smiths come from a time of white England according to them. Wrong . Manchester has always had mixed culture - from native Americans taking refuge in Salford , to black and west Indian to Chinese . Marr, Mike and Andy were all into soul and funk . The New York Dolls and Bowie and the Kinks and Trex and Elvis were all into Black music . Morrissey himself has lots of music by black artists . So where is this pure white land you speak of ? Shit even The L Shape Room was about the mixing of skin colour to a degree. Its actually now not even amusing in a car crash way , its just very very sad. It sounds like the man who said he was proud of Bowie for not accepting a knighthood , the man who calls himself the outsiders outsider , the free thinker, this guy is now considering going to the palace . What a sell out . There really is nothing left, apart from his love of animals that is maybe the only thing left. The only thing people can say in his defence is "look how hes played the press " look he has new fans. Its easy to get in the Press if you want to be an jerk, to say fucking stupid things, its easy to get more fans if you want to appeal to the desperate and stupid.
      This new Morrissey is miles away from the Morrissey of old . Even The Quarry Morrissey who was a shadow of himself is better that this jerk
    16. nozmuppet
      No time to ponder life's complexities.
      No time to be gentle and kind.

      Moz is running out of time, be rude, brash, racial, kind to animals.
      No time to play on the lawn...
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    17. URBANUS
      What a lovely flag and cool logo. NF together like that is really aesthetic and I must say english hooligans always dressed the best taking no shit from anyone and standing up for themselves.

      I have and always will admire the english bull dog attitude. Thank you boys for being real human beings full of testosterone.

      The coming years will need a lot more of that.
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    18. Anonymous
      By “lost”, they mean kicked to the bin. ...which is a shame. Lovely, rolling number.

      Once again, Mooz is the weakest link.
    19. Anonymous
      Oh yes one of ten trending names on twitter, like Katie Hopkins and Alex Jones, he must be so proud to have no self respect and only want to see his name on twitter. This is what happens if you are homosexual , you are just very shallow and seek the most childish things. Why have a life of meaning when you can be in the 10 ten on twitter . Fuck em what a laugh .
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    20. Uncleskinny
      You couldn't be more wrong. I said it's shit, because it's SHIT. The creative well is dry. Same old clunkers. And it would be quite the volte-face to make me think he was worthy of praise. Remember that time he gave some money to Love Music Hate Racism because he'd been caught saying naughty things? That was a calculated business decision - he figured he could make that money back from sales. And why is it that he doesn't have the balls to say I'm a racist, and has to deny it? What a coward.
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