"By The Time I get To Wherever I'm Going" - Lost Morrissey studio track posted by SER



No mention of Israel?


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This seems far more apt today


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Of course it is. They put the album on sale on ITunes and he very intentionally got his name trending on Twitter. Most people don't take those blue check marked Loony Leftist tweeters with their daily virtue signaling outrages seriously. But when they're talking about you, it causes many people to wanna check you out. Especially when all he did was say things that most people are thinking but have been made to feel afraid to say.
1. That is some ridiculous spin. "Hey, you know what will make your album sell? Become a massive racist!" said absolutely no self-respecting PR guy ever.

2. It is not 'Loony Left' to oppose racism. It should be the default position for any decent human being.

3. Seriously, GTF with this 'most people are thinking...' 2005 Conservative manifesto pish. Morrissey is guilty of this too. If you're going to be racist, at least own it so everyone can call you out on it. Instead of trying to justify your petty prejudices by pretending that most of society agrees with you.


I notice he begins the song by repeating the title twice. I notice he begins the song by repeating the title twice. I have heard this one "technique" before.


Guessing this was maybe a boz demo from low in high school but something about the solo makes think of Jesse. Either way it still has a rough feel to it. I can see why it wasn’t on lihs though as the lyrical vibe doesn’t really gel with the rest of that album


While not as strong as the songs that made it on the Low In High School masterpiece, it's pretty good! And I agree, there's a little Heaven Knows in there.
With Morrissey having gotten himself to trend on Twitter by triggering all the ridiculous Social Justice Warriors with blue check marks to talk about him, it should draw some new folks to check out his album. So I guess he felt a celebration was in order for this social media victory, and this unreleased track is his party favor. :thumb:
LOL this must be Sam or the more intelligent but still pig shit thick brother. Both ugly as sin

We all know it's a stunt. There is nothing clever about it.
Especially as hardly anymore sales will be made.
This kind of press just validates the bs the press spread years ago. He just comes over like a needy, desperate fag who only cares about publicity. He would generate more sales if people didn't think he was a wanker. His career is now a huge joke, he sells gigs but look at his fan base these days just look how dumbass the people who defend him sound.


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If the man has never said he is gay, we have to assume he is not gay. He probably would know better than anyone else...
Yes, this is quite right of course. I'm just feeling a bit bitchy about Morrissey right now for some reason.


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You are quite right. He is not gay. He is just a humasexual who, at the age of 58, still lives in a closet.
Hey. Lots of nice teddy bears live in closets. Nice and cosy and THE last place Michael Myers would look. Unless you look like Jamie Lee Curtis.


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I like the music in the new song but reckon Moz could have sang better and come up with better vocal melody and lyrics.


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I'm sure people are checking Morrissey out today because he made fun of the way the mayor of London talks.
Someone should tell all those comics who parody Melania Trump's accent that it's not allowed. Then they should cancel Saturday Night Live, which has been parodying the way politicians speak for decades (well, except for Obama). Tina Fey made a fortune mocking the way a female politician from Alaska talked.

I've already seen a lot of people WITHOUT blue check marks on Twitter finding new interest in Morrissey today. They're not offended by someone suggesting laws against female genital mutilation should actually be enforced in England regardless of whether that offends people with backwards ideologies, and an imported rape culture victimizing thousands of girls should not be covered up. To the contrary, they think it's insane more people aren't saying these things. Instead, even acclaimed science writer Richard Dawkins has had the totalitarians try and stomp all over his free speech over these issues.

People take notice of someone not afraid to speak his mind in a society where the real fascists want to make everyone afraid to. I'd bet his album sales ticked up today.

"For what is a man, what has he got
If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows
And did it my way"
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