Buzzcocks Cover

if anyone could record the buzzcocks cocver on video again tht would be great since the current on up at youtube isnt soundwise ..the best...

posted an MP3 rip for those who wanted an audio version in this thread.

ttats finethnks but a cleaner video version would be nice..maybe someone is so kind to film it...
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Much better cover than I thought, from what I could hear. Would have been even better if he'd done 'Love You More' instead.

I expect we'll see this as a b-side to the first single.
has any kind person got the full lyrics morrisey sings on this version, i cant make them out the mp3 and video off you tube are crackly many... thanks

brilliant that, ta Flax, I asked the security (all black belts in the noble martial arts of origami) to stop practising their artistry at that time, they where trying to make me in to a Swan I think, I just wanted to see Moz sing this song but they refused & dumped me outside the venue, I believe they made M23 in to a Scorpion, unfortunately no photographical evidence has shown up (yet) to confirm this!


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