Buying Morrissey CDs in Hong Kong


hi guys, i'm travelling to Hong Kong in the spring and as with all trips i shop for morrissey/smiths cd's when i'm away, question is i've seen a few posts on this forum saying not to trust cd's from HK, is this the same for the HK shops for just ebay???


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Re: Buying Morrissey CD's in Hong Kong

The only CD shop I set foot in in Hong Kong was HMV and you won't go far wrong in there.

There were CD stalls in markets but I didn't take a chance on those. Besides, it was all crap anyway.

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Re: Buying Morrissey CD's in Hong Kong

I've been to Hong Kong a few times and all of the stalls that I came across that sell cd's the cd's were fake.
One time though I did find the Austrailan gatefold world wont listen on vinyl which was a nice surprise.
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