Bruce Springsteen releases legendary 1978 Passaic, New Jersey concert


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Bruce Springsteen Releases Legendary 1978 Passaic, New Jersey Concert

The most famous concert in the history of Bruce Springsteen, Piece Resistance, finally released officially thanks to the live archive, with the Passaic show on September 19, 2019, remixed multitrack with bands of eras.

Bruce Springsteen Releases Legendary 1978 Passaic, New Jersey Concert
By: Andy Greene for Rollingstone

There’s no shortage of beloved Bruce Springsteen bootlegs out there in the fan community, but one of the most cherished ones was taped at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey on September 19th, 1978. It was a smoking hot night midway through the Darkness on the Edge of Town tour when the E Street Band was in absolute prime form, and a broadcast on WNEW-FM New York and nine other Northeast stations meant that it was pressed onto vinyl with weeks and sold nationwide at hole-in-the-wall record stores that didn’t care about pesky things like copyright law. (The most famous bootleg from the show was called Piece De Resistance, but there were many others.)

It’s taken 41 years, but Springsteen’s team has finally dug out the original multi-track tapes, remixed them and placed the show for sale to fans as part of Springsteen’s ongoing live archive series. This has always been one of the best-sounding Springsteen bootlegs, but this new version makes all prior versions obsolete.

This was actually the first show of a three-night stand at the Capitol Theatre. The previous month Springsteen headlined Madison Square Garden for the first time in his career, but this was an intimate theater and tour standards like like “Thunder Road,” “Racing In the Street” and “Because The Night” never sounded better. Last year, the September 20th show at the Capitol Theatre was also officially released, but most fans feel the now-released September 19th performance is the superior night. It’s also high on the list of the greatest Springsteen shows of all time, with many fans placing it at the top.

Springsteen’s team has been selling fans official concert downloads for the past five years and over that time they’ve touched on most eras of his career with the very notable exception of anything prior to 1975; the main issue there appears to be the absence of quality tapes from that period. New shows are released the first Friday of every month.

CD 1
01 Badlands
02 Streets Of Fire
03 Spirit In The Night
04 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
05 Independance Day
06 The Promised Land
07 Prove It All Night
08 Racing In The Street
09 Thunder Road
10 Meeting Across The River
11 Jungleland

CD 2
01 Kitty's Back
02 Fire
03 Candy's Room
04 Because The Night
05 Point Blank
06 Not Fade Away - She's The One
07 Backstreets

CD 3
01 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
02 4th Of July, Asbury Park
03 Born To Run
04 Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
05 Detroit Medley
06 Raise Your Hands

Audio files AAC, 320 kbit/s (Flac on request)
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Thank you very much, but you upload the flac. That would be great.
Thank you for posting this.

Savvy fans of this era of Bruce Springsteen can find lots of soundboard / FM broadcast recordings on the internet. I find it disappointing that Bruce is selling these. Arguably one of the best shows of this tour, the August 8 show at the Agora in Cleveland, was broadcast on the radio, and is readily available all over the net. Yet Bruce sells this one, too. His run of Broadway shows, where ticket prices topped out at $850 (and this is the BOX OFFICE price, not scalpers price), put tens of millions of dollars in his pockets. How much money does one need...?
Thanks very much for the Flac post of 8/19/78. Do you by any chance have the Springsteen 12/31/80 Nassau Coliseum show that was released this year, preferably in flac also.
Thanks very much for the Flac post of 8/19/78. Do you by any chance have the Springsteen 12/31/80 Nassau Coliseum show that was released this year, preferably in flac also.

Sorry, just have it in audio files MPEG, 320 kbit/s
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Can you please post the 12/31/80 remix that you have. Thanks very much.
it's posted
1980-12-31, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale,NY – New Remix
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What is the sound quality of the Christic shows? I have a recording of the show from the 16th, and it's an audience recording that is just so-so. Thanks.
Holy cow, that's much better quality than the show I have. Any chance you could post this one? If not, could you PM me about it? I really like this show...
Can you please post 1984-08-20 East Rutherford, NJ in FLAC?

Thank you!
PLEASE could you repost the FLACs for Springsteen Passaic? and Staples 1999 if you have? thank you so much
Finally got around to seeing Springsteen in 2016 with another board member here. The show was sensational.
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