"Brow of my Beloved" added on Spotify and other services as a digital single (July 12, 2019)

As of today:

Lovely song!


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If you like this song by “Melvis”, you might also like the playlist in the frozen food aisle at your local grocer.

How many people actually enjoy this pap? It IS quantifiably terrible. Having said that, I know folks who still LOVE the latter-day, string laden bullshit that the REAL King released, in his later years. There’s no accounting for the shit that sycophants will tout as excellence - when it’s not even passable.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the Polish charts to find out! :)


Despite the horrid, pitchy whining and cut-rate vanilla music...

One thing he’s spot on about is that you’re ALWAYS EXACTLY THE SAME.

f***ing clowns.


It's a good song! His verse reminds me of "I'm not Sorry". Very pleased it is out. A nice addition to his catalog...


Recorded it with a bucket on his head to drown out the noise from the lefties outside bawling their eyes out cause they felt he betrayed them.

You’re probably right. That’s exactly what it sounds like. ...and something that - at this point - I wouldn’t put past him.

I heard the next album has been recorded in a slop-trough, with samples of Kerrygold being grated and pasta being made. There’s also a track that features the screech of tires. No doubt, someone who “...only brakes for Melvis”.

Gonna be a doozy. Prolly make the Top-5 in Poland!

Oh my

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Does anyone actually like this shit? Seriously. If it sounded exactly the same, with Morrissey's voice but not Morrissey, wouldn't you shudder and turn it off? It's like obscure karoake.

I like the song a lot.

I don't know about the other question...
If Morrissey wasn't Morrissey, but looked and sang like Morrissey: would Morrissey be Morrissey or Morrissey wouldn't be Morrissey?
I assume that if Morrissey wasn't Morrissey, but he also managed to be Morrissey without being Morrissey... I would still like Morrissey, though I don't even know if I understand what I wrote.


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It is a lovely little song, but it sounds quite slight and underdeveloped. It needs a third verse or a middle eight or something else new at the three minute point.

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