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By davidt on Jan 12, 2013 at 3:30 AM
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    Set List:

    Action Is My Middle Name / Everyday Is Like Sunday / How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Black Cloud / People Are The Same Everywhere / Alma Matters / Maladjusted / Let Me Kiss You / You Have Killed Me / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / You're The One For Me, Fatty / November Spawned A Monster / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Speedway / Meat Is Murder // Still Ill

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 12, 2013.

    1. Anonymous
      Same set list as Wednesday night. Better audience because it was Brooklyn on a Friday. Wish he would mix it up more and pay some respect for his first time in Brooklyn. Score: 6.5/10
    2. Anonymous
      best i've ever seen him. and he mentioned T Swift!
    3. Anonymous
      1. action is my middle name
      2. Everyday is like sunday soon is now
      4. First of the gang
      5.shoplifters of the world
      6,black cloud
      7.people are yhe same everywhere
      8.alma matters
      9. Maladjusted
      10. Let me kiss you
      11. You have killed me
      12.ouija board ouija board
      13.please please please let me get what i want're the one for me fatty
      15. November spawned a monster
      16. One day goodbye will be fairwell
      17. Im throwing my arms around paris
      19.meat is murder
      20.still ill
    4. Guernie
      T Swift is to mean what to me ?????
    5. MelissaY1
      Uh, this wasn't the same set list from Wednesday. He didn't do First of the Gang on Wed, Please Please Please Me, Sunday, or People are the Same Everywhere. BS LIST!
    6. TimHailand
      Great show - this is THE BEST band Morrissey has had since 1991 Kill Uncle tour. I have seen Morrissey and The Smiths many times, and can honestly say that he was in great form, coupled with his best band in over 20 years - sharp concise pointed use of his catalog (though I don't know a few of these new songs). The most musical of any of his tours of late and the band also looks good - he's a great artist and has much to work with - I say BRAVO Morrissey and THANK YOU!!
    7. Anonymous
      I echo the above comment. Great...great show! Great venue (stage only 2 feet tall, no barrier), great sound, very good set list (which was NOT the same as Wednesday), and Moz and the boys were on top of their game tonight. Moz seemed to really be having fun tonight.

      I was able to get a piece of his shirt which was icing on the cake. I nearly was strangled by it since about 6 of us had a death grip on it. Arturo cut off 2 pieces, but the rest was a 2 song struggle between 4 of us. Thanks to Veronica (both genuinely and sarcastically) for cutting it...though you got my hand too. I may have tetanus now and may be dead in a week, but it was worth it.
    8. drmprop
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    9. no one imparticular
      no one imparticular
      Great show tonight! he came out heavy! action is great but after that song was the highlight for me..."Everyday is like Sunday" into "How soon is now" then "first of the gang" and how soon is now.... one after another... GREAT SHOW! Can't wait till tonight in AC.
    10. PregnantForTheLastTime
      Possibly the best show I've ever seen. There was a patient, magic energy in the room. The stage was comically low, just above the knee. There was no demarcated pit, so as soon as Kristeen started her (very good) set people gently took space up in the front. There was probably eight feet between the front row of seats and the edge of the stage in the center, less at the sides. Our tickets were for row H, and we would have graciously retreated if challenged, but security let everyone stay. This created a lovely tension. Getting up on stage would have been no harder than stepping up onto a chair, but those who tried chose their moments cautiously and respectfully. The first invader was gently dropped back down into her slot by security, and the whole pit area seemed aware that this was a rare and delicate chance.

      Morrissey was warm and happy. He sang beautifully, the setlist was the best I've seen. He managed to pull out both the songs that meant the most to me at 15 and the ones that mean the most to me now at 38. He sang Alma Matters, then Maladjusted. Just like that. Like time travel. Here's where we are, here's where we came from.

      I only hope he loved singing for us as much as we loved being there to experience it.
    11. PregnantForTheLastTime
      That was a setup. The kid had preclearance from security to go up. And then he wouldn't let go when his turn was over.

      There were a cluster of people with roses spray painted blue... Morrissey didn't touch one. It's a hoax, kids. Just go and enjoy him, you don't need a gimmick. Just be there.
    12. xcesarrisseyx
      awesome show tonight i just got home from a 3 hour trip back home, i was (thanks God) the second to jump into the stage and i grab his hand and kiss him, was a magical night! the set list was perfect for me, i was waiting for this night to much! the stage was really low so was pretty easy to jump into the stage! the problem was that in the last song 4 security guys where pushing people back so no to much people make it into the stage.
      I receive more than i expected. I just can say thank you Morrissey for this amazing night and thanks to deadgirl to help me to get my ticket in front row, a time that i will remember my whole life.
    13. xcesarrisseyx
      sorry for my terrible english! i'm learning the language.
    14. xcesarrisseyx
    15. Anaesthesine
      Holy hell what a night! The Man was in fantastic form - one of the best Morrissey shows I've seen. I wasn't going to go and only got tickets at the last minute, but I inexplicably (and unexpectedly) found myself right in front; the stage was about two feet high and there were no barriers of any kind. Morrissey was so close for much of the show that I could have reached out and touched him (which, indeed, I did). It was remarkable that everyone down front stayed in place; all we had to do was step up and we would have all been onstage. I suppose everyone realized that the gig would have ended at that point, which would have been awful. During "Still Ill" several invaders made it, and most were quite gentle.

      The man was in top form: he was coy, teasing and obviously very moved by the enthusiastic crowd. He took all that audience love and threw it right back, flashing the occasional broad smile and even giggling in parts. He walked on and said something like: "You know what happens when you're in the front row don't you? You get whipped!" Cheeky. Very chatty, very engaging. Apparently someone at the New York Times suggested that he needed therapy, which really put his back up. "Therapy! therapy! therapy!" he kept barking.

      This was a fairly strong set list, and the energy seldom flagged (even during the dire "People are the Same Everywhere"). The highlight was undoubtedly "Maladjusted," which is one of my favorite songs ever, by anyone. I've seen him sing it several times and it's always left me slightly disappointed - it's such an abstract song (without a driving beat or catchy chorus) that it easily falls flat live. Not this time: I've seen him "perform" it before, but tonight he PREACHED it. Magnificent. "Alma Matters" was equally beautiful, and "Meat is Murder" was brutal and overwhelming. I'm always thankful that someone has been able to articulate such a profound emotional truth.

      Morrissey looked fantastic - he's showing his age but he still has that unique, graceful way of holding his body that is unmistakeable. There were times when he was standing to the side of the stage, gazing out at the crowd and bathed in blue light, and he looked absolutely beautiful. It was as if the years had melted away. Most importantly, his voice was superb. He didn't vocally falter at all, in fact he sang with great passion and (most importantly) emotional nuance. His falsettos were lovely and tonight he really savored the notes. He didn't phone in anything - he was right in the moment, and the crowd was right there with him. Brooklyn, hell yeah.

      I should not have doubted that Morrissey is still capable of such a heartfelt, captivating evening. Despite the occasional nonsense with the press and the inexplicable bouts of insensitivity, Morrissey is still capable of delivering an emotional punch that no one else can equal. What a remarkable, singular, essential artist.

      Oh, and the bit where he introduced the band by "reading" off their names as Oscar nominees and then ripping open an envelope and announcing: "and the Oscar goes to... Taylor Swift!" Hysterical.
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    16. Anonymous
      Yeah, there's a Scottish or Irish dude who brought them to two consecutive concerts and it really is nothing more than a nuisance. Moz didn't want them 2 nights ago and he still doesn't. In the 80's he was into the flowers thrown at longer. Leave them home, please.
    17. mjparkin
      Mega gig, though security nearly broke my nose, painfully thwarting my failed stage invasion. The main dude working the left side (opposite Arturo) is brutal. Thankfully, Moz gave me a thoroughly apologetic handshake after he witnessed my violent fate.
    18. Amsden
      Set List...
      Action is my middle name / Everyday is like Sunday / How soon is now / First of the gang to die / Shoplifters of the world unite / Black cloud / People are the same everywhere / Alma matters / Maladjusted / Let me kiss you / Ouija board, Ouija board / Please, please, please let me get what I want / You're the one for me, fatty / November spawned a monster / Goodbye will be farewell / Throwing my arms around Paris / Speedway / Meat is murder // Still ill
    19. 123xyz

      I'd love to hear the Brooklyn bootleg of this track .... anyone ?

      Great account of the concert, by the way , Anaesthesine...

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