Brooke Candy's 10 Queer Music & Visual Inspirations mentions Morrissey

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    Brooke Candy's 10 Queer Music & Visual Inspirations: Mykki Blanco, Morrissey & More - Billboard


    Basically Morrissey is the coolest human. But I had a friend who went on tour with him, and one of his favorite things to do after a show, Morrissey would go to a dive bar and he would sit at the bar, and he would get really drunk, and he would wait for some macho, meathead f—er to come in and sit down next to him and then he would start a conversation. He would throw a little bait on by hitting on whoever was sitting next to him, and he would wait to see, "Is this person going to be homophobic? If this person is going to call me a ‘f----t’ or they do anything homophobic, I’m going to take them outside and beat them up," and it was like every night. He would like to bar fight homophobic bros, which I think is so fun. I think more people after their shows should beat up some homophobes.

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    1. Ticket Tout
      Ticket Tout
      Heterophobia is the worst though as it makes no sense at all from a purely biological and scientific view.

      Plus points for the worst ever thread entry.
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    2. ACTON
      Sounds like a fairly unreliable source of Mozinformation.
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    3. Anonymous
      Actually, Brooke Candy is a good friend of Lethal Amounts gallery founder-and former Moz bodyguard-Danny Fuentes. I think it's a certainly plausible story she tells...
    4. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Hmmm....not buying it. Next!
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    5. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Me neither.
      But, Moz doesn't strike me to be someone easily bullied by some bullshitting and aggressive cretin.
      He will defend himself and fight if no other option is available.
      He isn't "that" type to be the first away.
      Just my two cents.
    6. celibate
      guess he's been beating up by Morrissey...his drivel makes no sense.
    7. gordyboy9
      its all friend of a friend bullplop,newspapers have been doing it for years.
      a friend of a friend of mine knows for absolute certainty that Morrissey goes for a piss first thing in the heard it here first.
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    8. gordyboy9
      two things,cant see mozz going to a dive bar, and he starts a conversation,
    9. Anonymous
      Actually, I can see him do all of those things except the beating up.
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    10. Anonymous
      That isn't rebellion, that's a courtship ritual for serious rough trade. Based on various anonymous posts on the various sodomite sites, Moz knows all the dive bars in Cali, is loaded with pills for all (ask the tit from the fake warehouse fire in Oakland who took Morrissey's Alma Matter promo pics) and is mean as a snake.
      I used to love "alt culture", but these days, I'm just so bored with banal, bourgeois BUGGERY!!!
    11. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Funny, that!
      Even more funny Ketamine Sun rated your post "informative" :)
      By the way, who is the friend of a friend?
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    12. gordyboy9
      the friend of a friend is someone who can never be contacted.
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    13. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Now you make me even more curious.
      God how I love those mysteries.
      I always feel the urge to really get to the bottom of it.
      Is that a "feminine" side to my character?
      Possibly, but I don't care.
    14. AztecCamera
      Bull Ox Wacker! Uncle Steve does not "start conversations" with anyone. He just talks to Boz and talks shit about everyone else there and makes Jesse get him Coronas from the bar. The only way Uncle Steve would be at a bar after the gig would be if he was looking for hot whore groupies if he was playing a place like Flint, Gubergurger, Serb, or Wallybobagong where there wasn't enough after the show like in Mexico.

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