Morrissey Central "BRISBANE LAST NIGHT" (December 9, 2023)



Jesse in Brisbane


Uncredited images: morrisseystickerproject IG
All very nice but it seems like years since there was a new photo of Morrissey that showed the colour of his beautiful eyes.
Anyone else hoping jesse will suffocate in the smoke so that we might have the chance of getting a real guitar player in the band again.
There hasn't been one since Boz and Alain left.

Then maybe the setlist will change for once this year!
Thanks, I forgot all about that - wasn't that when he had dengue fever? - certainly looked like it! By the way, have I got this right that fan Trina gave Morrissey the Skippy T-shirt and he wore it for just a few minutes before throwing it to the audience? Lol!
Yeah, it was taken in Mexico I think.
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