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Personally I'd say he's one of the living few who are close to Morrissey lyrically.
I like his stuff a lot, though I used to make fun of him... Desaparecidos was the band that turned me onto Bright Eyes, though.
I was really glad to see they reformed, even though I think some of the lyrics on their new EP's are pretty heavy-handed.

Anyway, in spite of how much I used to make fun of him, I made up for all the mocking jeers with wimpy adolescent tears.

The early stuff is particularly good, but I also really enjoy "Digital Ash". It's been a long, long time since I listened to much BE/Desa stuff, and I never really got into Commander Venus, but I'll never forget how much the music affected me as a young teenager going through his first really serious existential crisis. :blushing:

I've cried A LOT to this song. :lbf:

Haven't heard it in a long time... I'm actually pretty sad it's not hitting me like it used to, not that it diminished my appreciation of it.
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