Brief review of "Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware"


Librarian on Fire

I'm not too sure if this has been released in the UK yet. If I have it before the UK that would be a first. I've only given it a couple of quick listens.

First up is the rather wonderful The Pines doing "Ask" and they do it well. One of the fastest Smiths songs is slowed down to a sublime spaciousness sound. Its as gorgeous as falling in love.

Hotly tipped Brazilian band Pale Sunday do "I Know It's Over ". There's lots of crashing keyboard sounds all over the place and Fabricio's voice sounds so desolate.

Quite possibly the finest and best of indie bands around at present, The Lucksmiths from Melbourne give us "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out". Complete with male and female vocals. The finest bit is the heavy sigh of "Oh God my chance has come at last". Saw The Lucksmiths once...salt of the earth they are.

Slipside do a pretty good cover version of "Please Please Let Me Get What I Want".

Spanish band (?) Pipas do well with perhaps on of the most forgotten and under-rated of Smiths songs, "This Light Has Opened My Eyes". They do mix it up slightly and this is perhaps the one song on the album where a band have interpreted the song a bit more differently. It's fast becoming my favourite. Saw them once as well...

Lovejoy, featuring ex-members of the Sarah label's finest band Blueboy turn around "Girlfriend In A Coma". It kind of works, but well Lovejoy can do better. Perhaps it's not the best song to cover?

The Would-Be-Goods do what I have to admit is the one dud cover on the album, "Back To The Old House". The deep female vocals just don't work. And coming from someone like me who adores female vocalists, that's a difficult thing to admit. Perhaps the original is firmly entrenched in my mind and says "Thou shall not tamper with it." Wasn't there a band who had a similar name to this band who released a song titled "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong" which Morrissey voted as one of his favourite songs of the late 80's?

"Shelia Take A Bow" seems pretty good by The Young Tradition.

At long last a band has looked to the best Smiths album "Meat Is Murder" for a song. "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" is a lovely lovely rendition of the original by Simpatico. Perhaps the standout track on the album. It's gentle as a spring shower and sorrowful as the middle of the night. Delightful.

Tali from The Lucksmiths is back with The Guild League for a busker friendly version of "Panic". What is the most popular Smiths song by buskers?

"Sweet and Tender Hooligan" must be the easiest Smiths song to cover. Just add some deep bass, steady pounding of the skins, some crunchy distorted guitars and you have it. So have The Liberty Ship.

Those pop family trees that Peter Frame draws get a bit hard to follow as the The Snowdrops featuring some of Lovejoy, ex Blueboy and ex Beaumont (I think) do a live version of "Bigmouth Strikes Again". It's a wonderful way to close the album as it's a lovely cover version. From the introduction of "This is by our friend Steven" to the suggestive gasps of Keith's "Ohs". Perhaps the best track on the album.

Many will dismiss the album as twee and wimpy, but that's fine by me. That's how I like my pop music sometimes. The sleeve notes are wonderful. They talk about pop singles in cardboard sleeves and smelling them. Cycling twenty miles to go buy them. Indeed. Mine came from the other side of the world. I wouldn't part with them for quids. It's a good album featuring some of the best indie bands on the Matinee label. If only there was a C86 Smiths tribute album then I would be a happy little librarian.

Chill (no Moz)

I'm glad to hear such a rave review for this album. I've been wanting to pick it up. I love the title.

Thanks for posting that!

Crushing Bore

Hey Librarian, you're a kiwi - right? Any idea where I can get my hands on this in Moz-stralia (Melbourne in particular)?

Crushing Bore

> My God man. Pay Candle Records a visit Or visit Candle Records'
> website.

Ahhh - didn't realise they own Polyester!



> I'm not too sure if this has been released in the UK yet. If I have it
> before the UK that would be a first. I've only given it a couple of quick
> listens.

So my friend.. in summary, a purchase worthy of my hard earned cash? Sounds interesting. Male and female vocals on 'There is a light..'.. Slow version of Panic? I shall invest..

Then again, you know me, fast and furious.. so just bought the Motivators CD.. and it was at the Spitz.. (great little bar venue) just how did I miss that!

BTW, Dallaglio=New England Captain.

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