Brett from Suede on Morrissey in Swedish podcast

Brett Anderson Hemma hos Strage:
[22:30 in]

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A friend is mine is a huge suede fan but I found this interesting
He said on fb

'Brett is the opersite of M in some ways Some will use that against M but I think it's in his favor
Brett is of a very English middle class mindset. Suedes fan base is very white and middle class indie women etc.
It always has been.
All that talk of being working class in his book is very false.
Morrissey is very working class and that's the main kicking off point of difference add to that brett keeps his mouth shut in a very English way M never keeps his mouth shut in a very Irish way

Brett's book is highly praised among the guardian types, middle classes ex students who get hung up on technical ability rather than message. Bretts book is very well written but it could be about anyone The only thing that makes it brett is the story. It could have been written by anyone's hand

Morrisseys book is him in every comma and word Every winding sentence. That's what writing should be about.. Morrissey is a poet and brett is a uni essay writer.

The funny thing is the things M gets taken to task about are true of brett more than Moz in someways.
Bretts solo career was a disaster, morrisseys is a world wide success. Suede were brilliant during the BB years (x3 Lps) but clichéd after that. They have only recently found form again.
Suede never moved music forward or did anything original and Brett's writing was comic book. They were never subversive
The Smiths were a huge huge influence on music and Morrissey is considered one the great writers. Morrisseys was also quite the game changer and was subversive
Morrissey is largely considered one of the world's great pop starts, brett was struggling to even be considered great among the 90s lot.

Brett also takes himself much to seriously and makes great claims about his importance and none of it is true - for instance he didn't bring Englishness to music, he didn't bring new subject matter to music etc, though he claims he did

It's amusing that suede have played Israel on a number of occasions people say nothing. M plays it and the world goes mad.
As I say suedes audience are very white and middle class. The morrissey audience is quite varied (or was until recent years)

Morrissey could have easily gone the brett or Jarvis route but he had more about him, he's not that eagar to please or boring. Go to the Suede fan page it's embarrassing, old fat women in suede t-shirts. They look like cash in the attic contestants '



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Much better ones methinks :). On a more serious note, I think it would be a good challenge for Morrissey to write lyrics and sing over the darker tones of Suede's recent material (no "Spent The Bay In Bed" from that band). Offhand, I can't think of anything in his catalog that would compare - but I can still picture it.
Hi SuedeMoz and other Suede fans.

Sky Arts UK tonight: 9pm Suede The Insatiable Ones documentary. 11.15pm Suede live at the Royal Albert Hall.

p.s. I was very lucky. The Suede Amazon exclusive 10 LP (7 album) coloured vinyl boxset sold out but by chance I saw one for sale for £50 ex warehouse stock with very minor cosmetic damage to a tiny bit of one of the covers. Amazing value and practically perfect condition.


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Hi Acton,

That was a great find. I was lucky to get my order in but had to pay £104 but still not a bad price for what you get. It appears most of the thousand released ended up on Ebay!

I see the documentary will be released next year so I'll order a copy then. I don't have Sky so will wait ro see it then unless someone uploads it first, but thanks for the heads up anyway.
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