Brendan Buckley & Gustavo Manzur post photos of Morrissey rehearsals (May 4, 2022)

On Brendan Buckley's Instagram page, he posted a story today of a photo with the caption: "mini me" helping out with Morrissey rehearsals (Day #3) 🐉

He also tags Morrissey's Instagram accounts, Cruel World's Instagram, @Mozangelesevents, and Drum brand accounts.

I guess he's playing with Morrissey in the coming days!

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It's great to see Alain in these pics and to know that he's made the band in 2022 as well as 2021. Heartwarming stuff. Welcoming him back is one of the best things Morrissey's done in the last 10 years. Maybe we'll get to hear a new Morrissey/Whyte composition, too, next week as well as a couple of songs off Bonfire...
Alma Matters, Ganglord, Speedway, Paris, World Peace, Meat Is Murder, Everyday Is Like Sunday, Jack The Ripper, Irish Blood, English Heart and How Soon Is Now will continue to be played to death.
I'll never forget the Swords tour in
Doubt Morrissey has forgotten his grudge with Suede and he has never been a big fan of Joy Division.
Moz shortcomings #250. SUEDE are better than ever and JD were always the best band in the known universe (Earth).
What clothes will Morrissey wear to sing? Pichulfito you must wear a light colored dress shirt and pants that are not wide and do not wear crosses !!!!?
We should at the very least be hearing I Am Veronica but something tells me that Morrissey in his typical "don't give 'em what they want" style, will not give us what we want.

I can't keep looping this fifteen second snippet forever.

Fingers crossed!
remember, we got jim jim and once i saw the river clean in march 2020 thats why i said I Am V and another,still going for 2.
If I was him I'd do a complete setlist overhaul every other night and fill it with hits too. He has the backlog of gems so why leave them in the drawer of the Arcane Old Wardrobe. I would also play for two hours solid (not including half finished sentences in that runtime).
remember in an interview he said that his songs were very wordy and that was the reason he couldnt do long shows.alain said it was an exciting setlist so there could be a few new blasts from the past.
Doubt Morrissey has forgotten his grudge with Suede and he has never been a big fan of Joy Division.

There’s a photo of them together having a laugh after their little exchange of ribbing in the music papers.

So, I would say… no grudges.
HAHAHAHAHA his face filters - what a bozo. Wish it was Roger manning - send Gusatvo back to playing quinceaneras
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