Brendan Buckley FB/IG: La Fabrique Studios (March 4, 2023)


An nice look at the recording studio posted by Brendan.
Big shout out to FWD and other moderators who invest so much time on Moz-Solo to give us our regular Moz fixes.

Yes I've had a couple of hazy IPAs and am feeling twilight hazy myself.
No please don't move this to off-topic.
Maybe you can, I don't mind. Just saying thanks to FWD.
It's true, he's does such good work it makes me feel bad for not liking moz more so that I could really appreciate it
we had a bicycle outside on the cover of world peace and theres a motorcycle in the studio,need to speak to the janitor at la fabrique to find out whats going on with the two wheeled transport,think someone has their indoors and outdoors mixed up.
Maybe it's a release of energy for Moz and the band to get into the studio to create and record music. A way of shaking off the never-ending disappointment of dealing with money grubbing philistine record labels who only think in ledger lines of obscenely greedy profits.

I'm not complaining... The pictures are beautiful! But, I wish there were also pictures of them musicians at the studio.
That studio needs a serious lick of paint. It's no wonder his recent albums have sucked if they were recorded in a rundown, depressing hovel like that.
Interesting looking at who else has recorded at La Fabique. Foals, Cat Stevens, The Wedding Present, Nick Cave and Radiohead have all been there by the look of it.


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