Brendan Buckley - black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (September 25, 2023)

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And this is the Argentine Jiu Jitsu champion.......


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Wearing black on the outside
Interesting photo. His expressions have endless variety.
This one, to me, says, “I’ve just drunk a full pint in two gulps and now I need to do a monstrous burp, but I am in company so will need to do the burp into my mouth and then let all the gas out slowly and steadily through this small gap between my lips and hope to god it doesn’t stink of those Linda McCartneys I had for lunch…”

The lads know what I’m talking about! Eh, lads?! Beer, burping… you know!

(Just a small sample of what is going on over on The EPIC BANTER Thread. We do serious stuff, too.)
He tested for it in Los Angeles, that surprises me a little. How several of the martial arts are - you have to travel to the home of the sport's origin (and be judged by masters of it) to test for and receive your black belt. Good for him.

That explains a lot about the guy. Since he's been in the band, he's looked healthy and fit, clean (which Morrissey appreciates too). Congratulations!!!! This is a HUGE achievement! Mostly, it's always safer with someone like that around. He's got a good balance to him.

BJJ originated in Brazil, of course, but was introduced in the US and world by members of the Gracie family.

Brendan mentions the Gracies in his post, so I guess the place where he's at belongs to them; who are all masters of BJJ.
He's a black belt on drums too. The way he ends HSIN is brilliant. It stokes the audience like the drums drive the jungle natives crazy before Tarzan turns up yodelling. In fact our Moz reminds me of Johnny Wisemuller.

Here is a photo of Moz with Siouxsie as they duetted on Interlude:


Photo of Moz and Boz on their way to recording I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris Hilton:


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