Brendan Buckley - black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (September 25, 2023)

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Wonder if Morrissey has just now asked Brendan to teach him some moves? Like how to fend off a mosquito maybe.
It happened on his way to work?
Congratulations Brendan.

99.9% of the posters here have any idea what kind of an accomplishment this is and what it means.

Morrissey is too old to take up the art.
well done brendan,takes a while to achieve black belt status.
He tested for it in Los Angeles, that surprises me a little. How several of the martial arts are - you have to travel to the home of the sport's origin (and be judged by masters of it) to test for and receive your black belt. Good for him.

That explains a lot about the guy. Since he's been in the band, he's looked healthy and fit, clean (which Morrissey appreciates too). Congratulations!!!! This is a HUGE achievement! Mostly, it's always safer with someone like that around. He's got a good balance to him.

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