Brandon Flowers On Stalking Morrissey

Brandon Flowers Interview: On Stalking Morrissey, His New Solo Record And The Future Of The Killers -

It's getting too dark to see on a spookily windy evening in Hollywood. Brandon Flowers' hotel key is somewhere in his bag. “Shine me a light in here, shine a light” he sings as he rummages around, to the tune of Elton John's 'Philadelphia Freedom'. Then he stops, suddenly. “Wait! Do you know my Morrissey story? I've never gotten to show anyone this.” Hurrying back over the bridge across the courtyard of The Sunset Marquis hotel, he points to where his eyeline was when, in 2010, he spotted an unmistakable, quiff-topped figure looming across the lobby lounge. “We couldn't see each others' faces because it was so dark, but you just know it's him. My heart was racing. He's my hero…” Brandon recounts how he rushed to his room, brushed his teeth, then returned to wait at a safe distance, thinking about what to say. But Morrissey appeared from the other direction and caught Brandon off-guard. “I'm in a band!” Brandon spluttered. “We opened for you!” He told Morrissey he was in LA promoting his solo debut. “And I could hear him whisper in the darkness, 'Flamingoooooooo'.” A Milky Bar Kid smile spreads across his face. “He knew! Morrissey knew the name of my solo record!”
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