"Brandon Flowers Bans His Kids From Listening To Morrissey's Songs Due To His Racist Views" - Aceshowbiz (April 18, 2020)

Brandon Flowers Bans His Kids From Listening To Morrissey's Songs Due To His Racist Views

Shoplifterromo sends the NME article indicating the original interview from The Times:

Shoplifterromo also sends the link:

Brandon Flowers Admits It’s ‘Difficult’ to Separate Morrissey’s Politics and Music - SPIN
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Johnny LePew is 59 yrs old and is begging for the opening slot next Killers tour. Tragic Johnny should call it a day and retire.
This fake persona is my own. Wrong side of the pond. Now why don't you go get in a fight with a mirror and then rifle through the birdseed for the umpteenth time.

Skinny of course this fake persona is your own, about time you came clean.
For future reference 'retard' is a dead giveaway, as all Skinny personas use it.
Much as I like The Killers, how anyone Mormon can mention another's supposed racism is laughable. Just look at Mormon beliefs and practices .... They are and have been racist since inception. In their rewritten holy texts that came to Smith on "plates of gold" the mark of Cain which is never described in the Bible is in Mormon text a change of skin colour to black and slavery follows !!!!! Up until 1978 (Christ the Pistols had split by then) the entire religion never had more than 2 black priests and they were limited in what they could do. In the book of Mormon it states FGS if a true believer and fully repentant black skinned people can become white and vice versa. Still in their online blogs these issues are argued about. Obvs not every Mormon is a racist ass but Flowers and the like should look closer to home before critising .. believe there's a well know biblical quote about such

I have a friend from Lebanese origin who once lived in a Mormon state (Idaho) and he constantly complained that Mormons are just so racist (he's an orthodox Christian). So if Brandon's kids are introduced to that religion....it is much worse than being introduced to Morrissey's music IMO.
Brandon is free to not share Morrissey's views and to have his own faith, but how many of his fans would agree with the views expressed in the Book of Mormons?

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