Brainy Moz Fans?


It's all good
Just watching Only Connect, and whooping their arses from my couch. It occurs to me that a group of brainy Moz fans could do well on this. I'm going to send them an e-mail to that effect. Anyone interested? Leave a message here, send a PM, or an e-mail to [email protected]. Come on, we can do this.

I'm thick as pigshit.
But I've got Stephen Fry's 'phone number if that helps ;)
I got a reply from them saying applications for series 4 (the current one) are no longer being accepted (well duh), but the application would be kept on file for series 5. Fingers crossed.

Alack! Alas! It's not available in my area.:straightface:
Besides, I don't know if I'm brainy or not.:confused:
'I've got a lot of front. That's the most important thing surely.' Jayne Mansfield purred.
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