Bradford pt.II


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i posted a bradford-thread earlier this year, but it seems it's already in the 2009 archives, so there you go.
anyway, some people asked for mp3s, and having ripped everything i have by them a while back, i figured i would share the wealth. it's obviously long out of print, to the best of my knowledge not available through itunes or any other online music stores, and from what i understand a reissue isn't happening anytime soon, so i don't see the harm. everything except the s/t record are my own rips (numark usbTT w/ ortofon concorde pickup -> audacity on a macbook pro, if anyone cares), so if it sounds like shite, it's my fault. hopefully it doesn't. they're all in V0 quality (ie. highest quality variable bitrate).
the only thing missing here, i believe, is the 'gang of one' 12", which i sadly don't have (yet). one of the b-sides ('quality of mercy') is on the s/t compilation, but the song 'a pint of bitterness' is not. so that's, afaik, the only officially released bradford song that isn't here. if anyone has it, feel free...

self-titled cd (compilation) -

shouting quietly lp -

adrift again 12" -

in liverpool 12" -

skin storm 12" -


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Thanks for these. I liked the album (but I never got round to ripping it to MP3) so I'll look forward to hearing it again, and the 12"s as well.

Hi, Bradford were from blackburn, my home town, and the lead singer Ian H is a friend of a friend. He brought a dvd round not so long ago with interviews and promo videos on, some very interesting stuff, if i knew how to upload it all i would.

Bradford are an excellent band and deserved more from the industry than they got


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Many Thanks

I loved "shouting Quietly" so looking forward to hearing these :thumb:

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Thank you for these, long time since I heard these and pro-longs my recording vinyl to mp3 dilema a bit longer.
Just for info, don't know if you're aware, but a lot of these mp3s have large picture files attached to their tags- which isn't too healthy!
No ingratitude implied,
Happy new year,
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