Bradford (Morrissey covered 'Skin Storm) album re-issue

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    "After thirty years out of print, ‘Shouting Quietly’ by Bradford – a lost English indie classic produced by Stephen Street and hailed by Morrissey (who covered one of the album’s tracks, ‘Skin Storm’) – is being reissued this week by Turntable Friend Records. Bradford, formed in Blackburn in the late 1980s, released one album which was praised by critics before the band went their separate ways.

    Louder Than War’s own Fergal Kinney has provided liner notes for the reissue, based on interviews with the band and Stephen Street and drawing on Blackburn’s cultural history, and we have an exclusive extract from the liner notes below.

    There will be an acoustic performance by two members of Bradford and a Q&A with Fergal Kinney at Blackburn Museum on Saturday 10th February – the event is part of a celebration of photographer Christopher John Ball, who provided the artwork to Bradford’s ‘Skin Storm’, and you can find out more about this one-off event here.

    The release is available on double gatefold vinyl (21 tracks) limited to just 500 copies, and a double CD release featuring 30 tracks. Both versions of the release contain the liner notes booklet complete with exclusive photographs. You can buy the release via Turntable Friend Records or via Rough Trade."
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    Skin Storm is a great song and again shows the extraordinary ability of Moz to get his inspirations from a very broad musical world and using it for his own artistic output.

    I am always in hopeful anticipation of which songs or music he wants to cover. Maybe they are not always that great but many are.
    And I admire his openness, his honesty to express it.
    Many successful artists would try to hide it, leaving the audience the impression they all invented it themselves. But Moz makes it his own and creates something new.

    I know “I beg your pardon” could be an easy choice to cover for there are already so many covers of it.
    And still, I just really loved it when he did the song live and it was very well received by the audience too.

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