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I received the following info from youtube. Unsure if it is boz commenting or not. Hard to believe someone would masquerade as him. Others may know better? Cheers.

bozpolecat has made a comment on Morrissey Sing Your Life live Wellington New Zealand 1991:
well i landed straight on the jack plug socket and knocked it straight into the guitar, that's why that guitar now has 2 holes in the side!
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the video is here....


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Well, I recently posted this video on Boz's facebook and asked him if he remembered it, and we had a short conversation about it in which he said the same thing.

I looked at the poster's user channel, and it seems a little bare for someone with as many friends as Boz.
It seems odd that Boz would feel like commenting on this on youtube. But who knows. It could be him. But just thought I'd point out, he revealed this information about the guitar yesterday to me on facebook. :guitar:
Boz is the ****!!!

I love Boz.


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He really is a nice fellow to answer all my tedious questions about guitar specifics :)

And he looks so young in person compared to photographs :eek: :guitar:


yeah, i have boz on facebook too. he is a really nice guy. he manages to ask my silly questions, which is brilliant.
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