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Jake obviously wasn't straight after all.
Peter Hogg was described by Mark Nevin as "a very bitchy Scouse queen, a friend of Pete Burns and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, part of the whole gay Liverpool crowd." And Kevin Armstrong told stories about him picking up boys while going out with Moz, so probably not too interested in honeypots.

Reading this, I realize why Morrissey didn't mention Peter Hogg in autobiography.
Some things are better left untold.


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Wasn't 'Life is a Pigsty' written with Hogg in mind? :pigface:

I thought Pigsty was inspired by the male / gay prostitutes that filled the streets of Rome.
Here's a reference f rom autobiography:
"My nightly walks with Jesse would begin at the tip of Villa Borghese where Via Ulisse Aldrovandi lines up its glossy array of roadside prostitutes - mostly male, hard-bitten heroes fastidiously attired as sons of Etos. Their eyes are darts of desire, standing in the trees beyond, with legs wide open. Every single night they are there like a soccer team awaiting the club bus, and we are struck how none of them are identifiably emasculated; they are just manly sons of mothers in search of others."

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