Boz Boorer wrote to me :-))))

yes, he is very nice about responding to things people right. even if they are insane people such as myself.

i'm even more amazed that i think i've managed not to offend him or embarrass myself by mistaking him for the bass player in Red Lightning! i had gotten a few responses from them via myspace until i did that bit of stupidity when they played in town last year. i fully learned my lesson: i make a better lurker than a hanger-on.

hmm. speaking of Red Lightning, Whytegrrl...what are those guys doing these days? they seem to have packed up shop.
A couple a friend of mine whispered me his e-mail....
I wrote him bla bla... mentioning mostly his work with the Polecats, cos I guess he's tired of typical moz fan talk...
He replied me in a very nice and polite way...
Also managed to speak to him after a show in Paris and he souds like a cool guy, I got the same impression from Gary Day and Alan White, and of course the Great Dino...the new members I really have no idea...
How is that sexist?


1. discriminatory on the basis of sex (usually said of men's attitude toward women)

2. a man with a chauvinistic belief in the inferiority of women

Well it was really nice of him to reply to me, but he didn't really answer me , basically just said that comment!
I'm sure Boz reply's to sexy women while is missus is in the kitchen, now is that sexist?
Ms.Boorer replied to me too when I wrote her. They're a great couple. I wish Morrissey was as myspace friendly as them....wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'...something like that?
oh how muuuusical.
I really think they are! Seem like two wonderful persons :)
As its New year and i doubt I'll be on here again in 2006 (well until later but THAT WILL BE THAT) heres proof that Boz is the nicest man in showbiz.

As his roadie took the photo I turned round and said, "Boz smile for the camera you'll be in heat magazine next week." I was a little worse for wear too as I'd be on it since 11am in the old port. This was taken at Johan's aftershow thingamijig!

Happy New Year everyone. If there is such a thing.
I got a message from Boz today too!! And it said Happy New Year at the end!!
Its nice that he takes the time to actually reply to his fans xx
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