Boz Boorer: new tracks released today (May 19, 2022)

This is great and already missed. Having Jesse chopping up Smiths/Moz classics with power chords destroying the melodies, along with the hodgepodge collective ensemble, the shows have been fair at best with the only saving grace being an updated set list. In the end, the paint only covers the cracks in the foundation and sadly this structure is crumbling off in boulder chunks.
No really. No you clearly don't know about it. Thel Jesse T. Has given more nice rock punch to the solo 🎸. And I do not like this boz B. Tunes
Will someone please cast him as the next Alfred Pennyworth?
Soooo..."Initials BB" has now been used for... a car advert.

There seems to be a lot of cool songs by famous singers used in adverts right now. What the f. is going on. Are they all broke? ( some of them have recently died).
One day when I'm old I'll be sat in front of the telly and an ad for kibbles will come up with a Morrissey song in it ( and it will all be Sammy's fault). I know it's gonna happen.

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