Boz Boorer met one of his heroes John McKay of the Banshees after playing a gig in London



Boz Boorer played a gig last night in London at the launch of the 'Legendary Moments' photo exhibition and he met one of his two heroes, John McKay - the guitarist of Siouxsie and the Banshees on "The Scream" (1978). " The Scream" is the second all time favourite album of Boz right after "Electric Warrior". When posting this picture on facebook, Boz wrote: "I was delighted to see John at the gig, he was a great influence on my early guitar playing, he taught me a wide range of important things with his guitar playing, it completely made my night."
Boz's post on Facebook

Mark Ferelli - PART 1

Wow - without doubt one of the most innovative and important guitarist musicians of the punk/new wave/ post-punk era and so good to see this gentleman looking so well. His work for the Banshees on 'The Scream' and especially what he was creating in terms of sound and song wrtiting on 'Join Hands' not only set the foundation for many effects-based guitarists that followed, but like the best in any creative field, copied but rarely if ever matched. Its always been a little bit sorrowful that his recorded output is modest -though its sheer quality of moments not quantity that matter here - and I for one am still hoping theres an epic statement album of his sound, his innovation and sonic vision to come from him - a triple vinyl opus in the mood of 'Infantry' and 'Voices' one hopes!


No one sounded like John McKay before he did. Literally, no one. One of only a handful of innovators you can say that about. And he's still got the best jawline in music.
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