Boz Boorer interview in MUZIKALIA (Spanish magazine); album release Sep. 3, 2012

Manuel writes:

Let me tell you about a Boz Boorer´s interview in a Spanish musica magazine called MUZIKALIA:

"You have been Morrissey’s partner for 20 years, what’s the secret? I have no idea!!"

We talks about his new album, his carrer and his relationship with Mozz and Alain Whyte

I hope you like it.

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Some bizarre speculation on here!

Boz merely said he had not spoken to Alain for some time. Does this mean much really?
Boz must know a hell of a lot of people and works on numerous projects all the time. Alain is married and lives in LA. Yes, they worked with each other for many years, but how many of us keep in constant contact with people we used to work with? Especially when they live miles away and no longer move in the same personal or professional circles?

I don't really buy this argument that Morrissey is a necessarily a nightmare to work with and is always driving people out/sacking them. Its probably a rather strange job to be in band where the focus is SO much on the lead singer and your time and work is decided solely by that person. Good fun and great experience for a while I would have thought but people probably feel they wish to move on eventually, either to work in a different kind of set up or to have a more settled personal life or a combination of both. In most cases anyway I suspect that is what happens.

These former band members tend to stay in the band for a while don't they? If Morrissey was so difficult then surely one album or one tour would be enough wouldn't it? That is generally not the case.
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