Boz Boorer interview in Die Presse (July 7, 2017), mentions working on new album

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    „Platten sind wie eine Krankheit“ - Die Presse
    Pop. Im Hauptberuf komponiert Gitarrist Boz Boorer die Musik von Morrissey. Daneben sammelt er fanatisch Platten und veröffentlicht Solomusik – in Wien.
    Von Teresa Schaur-Wünsch
    07.07.2017 um 18:52

    Excerpt (Google Translate to English):

    As a musician against the Brexit
    Speaking of beer, the title song "The Age of Boom" tells of a retired babyboomer sitting all day in the pub doing little else than explaining the world to the others. Boorer himself is not ready for anything like this. After 30 years, both daughters are finally out of the house, "more time is left for gigs". Even if the sleeping on the bus does not seem to be glamorous and he finds traveling increasingly cumbersome. In the spring, he was with Morrissey in the US. His voice stimulus was not serious, but was due to a sand storm at a concert in Mexico. "We were still wondering why the singer had a mask like a Japanese before us."

    The tour is a reason why he finally voted against the Brexit. "I can still remember times when we had to present a list of our equipment at every frontier, we had to leave a deposit, we were not allowed to sell anything and had to stamp the list again when we left, and the same in the next country."

    From the profile:

    ....Boz Boorer was born in 1962 in Middlesex. He is the founder of the rockabilly group The Polecats and guitarist and music director of Morrissey, with whom he is currently working on a new album.

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    1. SuedeMoz
      I haven't kept up with Goldfrapp, but I really liked her early stuff. So maybe that kind of electronic, moody sounding music with Morrissey's haunting vocals over it. Anyway, that's what comes to mind for me.
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    2. URBANUS
      Morrissey is all about saying things tongue in cheek. But he does have that obstinate view on things that you find in far right movements hence his Breivik comment and a lot of other views and ideas over the years.

      You would never accuse Moz of being consistent on anything.
    3. URBANUS
      Believe me I tried for many years but they closed down the homes for the mentally ill and now you find people like us singing old swedish tunes live on tv.

      Sweden is the only country in the world where mentally ill people are famous cause they were on some tv show.



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    4. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      This goes back a number of years, and is not meant as a knock on your post (I agree the setlist needs a major overall [Moz's call, though, not Boz] and that perhaps some songs in the back catalog could use a refresh), but there was a very acoustic and banjo-driven version of "Everyday is Like Sunday" played throughout the 2002 tour. It was a bit dreadful, to be honest. As was the unplugged, bongo version of "Boxers" done in 2000.
    5. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Exactly. If you want Morrissey to sound like Dog Man Star you just turn down the bass and turn up the treble. Wonderful as DMS is, the production is very treble-heavy and it sounds tinny.
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    6. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      I'd say consistent at being inconsistent. ;)
      But it is not an accusation, merely an observation.
      So he is consistent on at least one thing.
      With very different results, I guess, personally as well as artistically.
      But never boring. Nevah!

      By the way, is there a rule, somewhere, anywhere, in which holy book, that states you, me, we, or he should be consistent on anything at all?
      And why you, me, we, or he should follow that rule, always and without ever questioning why? :rolleyes:
    7. Cornflakes
      I think it probably means setting out with high expectations and ending up with something halfway between Hours and Never Let Me Down.
    8. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      Sweetie Pie.
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    9. SuedeMoz
      Was trying to make a joke about high expectations and getting Kill Uncle 2 ... but you nailed it :)
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    10. URBANUS
      You sure can analyse things, Gerrit!

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    11. URBANUS
      The people in the pictures are of course better people than the rest of us. I have worked with people with various issues and it was a much better world to be in than the so called "normal" one.
    12. BrummieBoy
      stupid fcuk Boor-er...because the only thing that matters about Brexit is the inconvenience of touring musicians? Silly old tosser, the days of 'carnet' are long gone & electronic tagging of equipment is already a done deal. If Boz told the truth that he's really pissed about his studio/2nd home in Portugal he might have some credibility. Just another rich wanker like Polly Toynbee in The Grauniad posing as working class when they're both so as far removed from it as tax-efficient Swiss cheezy Dorrissey.

      Fcuk off the lot of 'em

    13. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Oh well, maybe it's the Swedish edition. In any case, I'd rather not Ed produce anything Morrissey (or Suede). :thumb:
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    14. Bluebirds
      I'd like to see Morrissey do a Grime album as he now understands the black struggle.
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    15. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      :rolleyes: Grime? why stop there? I think M singing to a choir of Pygmies would be much more interesting. And talk about acquiring some 'street cred' or in this case, I guess one could say 'jungle cred'. Though just like Paul Simon, there are many peoples in regions of Africa that one can collaborate with in order to gain a wider audience.

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