Boz Boorer interview in Die Presse (July 7, 2017), mentions working on new album

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    „Platten sind wie eine Krankheit“ - Die Presse
    Pop. Im Hauptberuf komponiert Gitarrist Boz Boorer die Musik von Morrissey. Daneben sammelt er fanatisch Platten und veröffentlicht Solomusik – in Wien.
    Von Teresa Schaur-Wünsch
    07.07.2017 um 18:52

    Excerpt (Google Translate to English):

    As a musician against the Brexit
    Speaking of beer, the title song "The Age of Boom" tells of a retired babyboomer sitting all day in the pub doing little else than explaining the world to the others. Boorer himself is not ready for anything like this. After 30 years, both daughters are finally out of the house, "more time is left for gigs". Even if the sleeping on the bus does not seem to be glamorous and he finds traveling increasingly cumbersome. In the spring, he was with Morrissey in the US. His voice stimulus was not serious, but was due to a sand storm at a concert in Mexico. "We were still wondering why the singer had a mask like a Japanese before us."

    The tour is a reason why he finally voted against the Brexit. "I can still remember times when we had to present a list of our equipment at every frontier, we had to leave a deposit, we were not allowed to sell anything and had to stamp the list again when we left, and the same in the next country."

    From the profile:

    ....Boz Boorer was born in 1962 in Middlesex. He is the founder of the rockabilly group The Polecats and guitarist and music director of Morrissey, with whom he is currently working on a new album.

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    1. Anonymous
    2. Uncleskinny
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    3. Thewlis
      I don't think Boz will work with Moz again. And maybe it's best for both of them. We will always cherish what they've made together, but it's now time to move on.
    4. JoeSellMozza
      Hm, the aticle is some weeks old, and that was before the "Boz quits Moz" rumor from big nose Skinny...
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    5. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      why do you say that?
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    6. Anonymous
      WHY do you think he won't work with Moz again?! There are only thin rumors and NO proof at all!
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    7. ACTON
      You are sleeping. You do not want to believe.
    8. ACTON
      Why do you think that? Because Boz is against Brexit and Moz isn't? If thats all it takes then Boz is better off leaving him.
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    9. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      well, according to the above excerpt, The reason Boz doesn't like Brexit is because it means more pointless duties and hassle of border inspections while touring. So maybe Boz and M still agree on Brexit for other reasons. Not that it should matter, guess it depends on how strong one holds on to their beliefs and will not budge for anyone or thing.
    10. Anonymous

      Because he says in article he is working with Morrissey?:crazy: BozMoz is still a thing. The article is dated July 7th>Boz via Lyn posts a picture of Morrissey poster> Boz posts pics of Trojan Records.


      Skinny thinks he's smoking man, he doesn't realize he is trying to fool Scully.

      BOZ, please post another breadcrumb on facebook.
    11. URBANUS
      Rockabilly and reagge is the same, heard one song you've heard them all.

      Boz almost made a song about me then. I am not old enough to be a babyboomer but I did retire early and I do explain the world to other people but only online and never in a pub.
    12. gordyboy9
      when I first clicked on tonight the three words that I immediately focused on where BOZZ BOORER DIE,thought bozz had bit the dust.
    13. Anonymous
      A few years from now everyone in the UK will be happy to be free of the European socialist nannys.
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    14. Anonymous
      Long awaited conversation between Skinny and Morrissey
    15. URBANUS
      Wishful thinking does that to the brain and eyes and we can but hope.
    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      well, that would 'settle' it then ! he would be leaving much more than M and the band. And the rumors would be true.
    17. AztecCamera
    18. URBANUS
      They didn't wanna call your bed performance average.
    19. Anonymous
      Now we know why Boz was kicked out - he's against-Brexit and dared to air his views. Moz must have been furious when he heard about this interview.

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