Boz Boorer interview - God Is In The TV

Via Boz's Facebook, a short interview.
Mentioning Moz, Autobiography, Lou Reed and future work.

INTERVIEW: Boz Boorer - God Is In The TV
Posted on October 31, 2013 by Sean Bw Parker
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Re: Boz Boorer interview - God is in the TVzine.

Thanks for sharing this. Short, but nice to hear from Boz all the same.


Re: Boz Boorer interview - God is in the TVzine.

Get back on the road with the Polecats Boz . Be sure to sing Miss Pearl !!


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'an arsenal of new material'... intriguing

How has the ‘music industry slump’ affected what you do?

Not with regard to shows but Morrissey is unable to secure a record deal so we haven’t made a record in a few years, despite having an arsenal of new material



Well, 'The Kid's a Looker' and 'People Are the Same Everywhere' are both completely arse, that's true.

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Boz seems to have enough projects to keep him busy for a while. What was more interesting was the link on the page to the review of the Go-Betweens "16 Lovers Lane", which was released 25 years ago. 16LL is one of my all time favourite albums. It's staggering the high quality of every pop song on the album. The only down side is that the album only clocks in at around 30 minutes. The Go-Betweens were quality.


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I enjoyed this little article. Boz seems so nice! It is kind of amazing he's remained in Morrissey's good graces so long. I imagine he's super easy to get along with. :cool:

Great picture of Boz! :)

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