Boz Boorer interview - A Heart Is A Spade

Link from Matt:

A Heart Is A Spade Interview: Boz Boorer - A Heart Is A Spade
By MATT | Published: SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

Age Of Boom is out on September 23 via Fabrique Records.


You’re about to return to the States for another run of dates with Morrissey. How does performing in the US compare with performing elsewhere around the world?

Well it’s a big place and receptions are different state to state. We’ve always done well in Chicago, and LA is almost a 3rd home for me.

As Morrissey’s right hand man for 25 years, how would you describe the unique musical bond between the two of you?

All consuming! We love a lot of the same records from when we were growing up and saw a lot of the same bands, we both have very broad tastes.

"We love a lot of the same records from when we were growing up and saw a lot of the same bands, we both have very broad tastes." So do I. Nice portrait composition, he looks well. I have an uncle who drives an "El Camino", he loves that song.
I reckon that pic is really air brushed. I reckon his gut is bigger on stage. Done well in Chicago? I reckon he wasn't paying attention at "riot fest", he just likes all "Chicago Blues" and going to old records stores around Chicago. I reckon he actually does live in Englund, not LA. Anonymous-
they have photo shopped about 50 kilos off him. stretched out his face too.
looks like a cartel boss getting ready to count his cash from ill gotten gains.
Great photo. Wish him the best. He is a pillar in Morrissey's career.

Boz is ace.
He has written the music for some of Morrissey's best songs.
And he IS his musical director and the boss of the band.
The latter is not that easy I guess because his boss is Moz :D
I could write a song with this title:)
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Boz is a workhorse and is terribly underrated. With songwriting credits for "Now My Heart is Full," "Reader Meet Author" and "Come Back to Camden," I don't hesitate to put him among my top 5 influences in my guitar playing. Not to mention most of his arrangements for Moz songs and old Smiths tunes are spot-on (with the exception of "This Charming Man," but I just prefer Johnny's jangle on that one, rather the punk feel Boz arranged). He's an incredibly diverse musician.

And who didn't enjoy him running around the stage like a madman during the early 90s?

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