boz being cheeky on fb


Junior Whopper
Let's play Caption this pic.

Moz: "Boz, ffs, stop tickling me with your thumb ..."
Boz: "It's not my thumb that is tickling you right now ... :brows: "
My understanding is that 99% of the time, Boz's social media accounts are fun by his wife Lyn, so I would never read anything too directly into what's posted there.
Boz does look a bit older there. It probably is from a year or two before the Quarry comeback. Though, I can see how Morrissey's haircut makes somebody think the pic's from the Southpaw era.
I specifically remember the was in a music magazine, maybe Rolling Stone, I was living at my brother's at the time (2001) and we both chuckled at Boz. Mystery solved it was 2001. You're welcome.
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