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By davidt on Feb 7, 2013 at 7:47 AM
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    Bowie refusal
    6 February 2013

    Bowie refusal

    David Bowie has ordered EMI UK not to run the proposed artwork for Morrissey's April 8th issue of the re-mastered The Last of the Famous International Playboys single and CD. The sleeve featured a previously unseen private photograph of Bowie and Morrissey taken by Linder Sterling in New York in 1992. Although Bowie has no legal rights to the photograph, most of his back catalogue is presently licensed to EMI.


Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by davidt, Feb 7, 2013.

    1. bagface
    2. SpaceLord
    3. 123xyz
      I wonder what's going on with crankypants Bowie ? Surely he can't still be miffed about the Moz withdrawal from the "Outside" tour - it was , after all , 700 years ago ...
    4. Wozzles
      weird shitty move from an old shitty dude.
    5. Anonymous
      So where are we now then ? More years of refusal perhaps ?
    6. Wozzles
      entertainers are so dumb.
    7. Martin
      Remember the classic line: "He WAS a fascinating artist. 1970, 71, 72. But... not NOW".
    8. ksenalex
    9. billybu69
      Our man famous as one who never forgives or forgets, can't complain really can he?
    10. celibate
      Wonder why Morrissey choosen Bowie, after their 1995 tour break and told in intervieuw not so
      flattered things about Bowie

      Maybe it's all forgiven, but many other persons would suit, so skip Bowie and
      take another Linder pic, or the Kray bro's:confused:
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    11. joe frady
      joe frady
      Who needs breakfast when one can wake to this? Delicious :yum:
    12. Stoned
      So....what's next now ?

      Cheers Moz
    13. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      Why choose to have yourself posing with another artist on the cover when the song in question has nothing to do with that artist nor is a duet. Another ill-advised career move from Steven, in a series of ill-advised career moves. A series that is becoming incredibly loooong. Get your shit together Moz and show us you still have something to say and give, show the people you still are relevant.
    14. Dave2006
      It's slightly odd that Moz would want a picture of Bowie on the cover of a Moz single... still, would be interesting to see the picture.

    15. Skylarker
      Bowie's a useless has-been. I'm, um, so excited to hear his new record. I'm sure it will be great.

      Well, actually that song was once described by Morrissey as being about himself, Bowie, and Devoto.

      So...there's that.
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    16. Phranc & Open
      Phranc & Open

      A fitting cover for the re-release, from my point of view.
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    17. Anonymous
      The real question is why is this on True to you. Remember Morrissey's terms and conditions for photographers? The True to you message sounds as if we all should join and say that David Bowie is being a pain. We'll he may not have the copyright to the picture, I know that Bowie has every right to oppose to such photo and his image being used. Could I use my Morrissey photo on my website without his consent? Didn't think so either.
    18. Anonymous
      To be fair to Bowie I'm guessing he's had very little to do with it. He's probably not even aware of it all.

      Most likely some jobsworth at the Bowie organization.

      I'd really like to see these two great artists become friends again. Before the 'Outside' tour debacle they were very complimentary about one another. It's an awful shame things went sour after that. A real pity.
    19. Anonymous
      Great for David! I see Moz and him as equals in genius and stupidity. David should've never thought of his little segue idea during their concerts together, and Moz should've been bright enough to see when you burn bridges with someone, don't expect favors later. Their egos are ridiculous and they both lack common sense.

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