Bowie discusses Morrissey leaving the Outside tour (1995)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by billybu69, May 5, 2019.

By billybu69 on May 5, 2019 at 6:45 PM
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    The part of the beach that the tide doesn't reach.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by billybu69, May 5, 2019.

    1. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
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    2. The Truth
      The Truth
      I have questions.
      How many times does David Bowie touch his nose in that interview while discussing Morrissey's illness?
      Was Ketamine Sun one of the 422 people who asked for a refund?
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    3. Anonymous
      A liar beyond the grave and it is well documented how he bullied Morrissey off the tour for the simple fact Morrissey had more fans at every gig and most of them left when Moz was done and Bowie entered the stage.

      I was at 5 gigs at Wembley Arena and the place cleared out when Moz was done. Touching your nose has been proved by psychology to be a sure sign of someone who is lying.

      Moz was kind enough toward his old idol to blame illness instead of the fact Bowie could not take he was yesterdays news and Morrissey was more loved and popular.
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    4. Anonymous
      This is such old news and now some Bowie fan has found his version of events when Moz has been clear over and over again how Bowie was rude to him and acted like a drama queen and we all know Moz did not comment Bowie's death for a reason.

    5. Anonymous
      That whole tour was the end of Bowie and we all know it. It was so embarrassing for him that entire tour. Not a fan of Bowie at all but I did feel he was treated like shit by the crowds and there was zero respect for him and it was so weird seeing a legend like Bowie enter the stage in London while the crowd was heading for the exits.

      Maybe the only night the crowd was a bit excused was when they left as Moz was done and crossed the road for Wembley Arena like I did to watch the second half of England-Switzerland when "Woy" Hodgson was the swiss manager.

      Roy Hodgson the language genius fluent in swedish.
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    6. The Truth
      The Truth
      I thought it was because David Bowie and Morrissey ere eating together and David Bowie ordered a ham sandwich or something. That's not exactly right but it's very close. And Morrissey said are you going to eat that and he said he was and then he did or something.
    7. Anonymous
      Nah, it was Bowie and he is well known to have been a dick all his life which is not unusual when it comes to the famous.

      I mean, he even made a final death video with a swede to announce his death. So full of himself and so full of shit. This is the guy that posed in a nazi uniform and people who hate nazis all of a sudden defend it and think it is cute or something.

      At least Lemmy collected nazi memoribilia and explained why.
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    8. Anonymous
      The anon who posted this is Martin in Charlton in London the publisher and father of a football eleven. I was thinking of him just the other day and how Katrin from Hamburg or something fled from his home and returned home.

      Unfair cause Martin is a gent.
    9. Anonymous
      Just to demonstrate how my mind works and why it is like a super hard drive.

      Martin back then wore red shoes or rather trainers which Katrin felt did not suit him. Then Karen burst onto the scene after she drove a big bus with inmates out on a field day and she did illegally snog an inmate inside the prison by pushing him up against the wall.

      But all of that has since been forgotten by everyone but me cause my mind is holding me captive and it screams obscenities at me just like my bed does when I am very very tired.
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    10. The Truth
      The Truth
      A super hard drive down a bumpy road in a bus full of prisoners.
    11. The Truth
      The Truth
      The thing about English rock stars and Hitler, though... It's not always so simple. I am not sure Bowie posed in a Nazi uniform. Jimmy Page wore the hat and boots onstage in the early 70's. Could be mocking it, or could be using it to shock people. Bowie did say something like "Hitler was the first pop star" but these guys were on lots of drugs at the time and they were studying the occult. Mix that with a fascination with power and a rebellion against polite English society and it's a lot more than just "Bowie was a nazi." He wasn't.
      Even John Lennon said something about how "Hitler was right," but if I remember correctly what he was really saying is that the reason some people fell for Hitler is because most people want to have someone in charge of making the decisions about life for them. First it's their parents and their teachers, and maybe their priest. Then they grow up and they want the police and the government to handle everything for them. This is part of the reason that some politicians succeed, and it's on the right and the left. They identify a problem and then say they will take care of it for you.
      Lennon and Page were both born during World War II and Bowie just a couple of years after.
      I don't know the mood in England at that time, but I would think it might have gone from a time of such fear and constant messages of doom about the threat of Hitler to great relief and possibly downplaying the threat that the nation had been under. I would think that people would be tired of being scared about Hitler.
      And when each of those three were making their statements or referencing Hitler and Nazis in various ways. it was the early to mid 70's, a time when many had lost faith in the propaganda of the war in Vietnam. Whereas in the 40's and 50's speaking out against your country might be very dangerous, by the late 60's it was almost fashionable. And once Vietnam was over there was a wave of hedonism and rebellion against the establishment. So what could be more shocking than making some deliberately provocative statement about Hitler?
      I don't think any of those people I mentioned was in any way showing support for nazism really. It was just the cocaine.
    12. Anonymous

      Morrissey more popular and loved.

      Hahahahaa you idiot.

      Not one night at a 1500 venue has sold out, bowie sold out wembly in his 50s
      Even in Moz Angeles Moz could only do two nights and they weren't sold out.
      Bowie was playing arenas still, before he retired.
      Bowie was and is way more popular. He was also as loved as deeply as Moz ever was, even during his 80s, 90s off peak time. More than that he is respected more.

      The bs about bowie bullying moz, is jokes. Bowie was tiny, he could never bully moz.
      Moz was 'not well' think about the company Moz kept then, you may at last get an answer
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    13. Anonymous
      Utter bullshit

      Hardly anyone left. I was at the gig.
      This site has such bullshiters.

      I'm fact rather than the end, it was when bowie found form again. Headlined glasto. Sold out tours.. Replaced Moz with placebo. Nobody cared Moz wasn't there. It was the end for Moz. Both southpaw and maladjusted tanked, big time.
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    14. Anonymous

      Moz couldnt handle the competition.
      Morrissey was obsessed with Bowie, why do you think he had KY around. Get real.

      The reason Moz dropped out was due to Moz being ill. Mentally ill

      Bowie was never nazi. He was never racist. Moz is obviously a racist and gets hard over Tommy Robson. Like the little gay he is. Poor gay morrissey.
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    15. Anonymous
      Morrissey actually was more popular than Bowie at that point. NIN was more popular as well.
      Bowie has destroyed all goodwill from his 70s fans by selling out in the 80s with his shit albums Tonight, Never Let Me Down, then fake indie/alt rock Tin Machine, then new jack swing/dance Black Tie White Noise.

      Outside was a great album but the damage had already been done, the industrial fans knew he was a hack, ripping off NIN and Ministry, so they didn't even give it a chance, and all of his top 40 fans thought it was too weird so they hated it as well.

      It's only been from 2002's Heathen - on, that his career and old school 70s fanbase was revived.
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    16. lastontheWPINOYBposter
      true that. i also went to the wembley shows. this tour was a huge missed opportunity. the nin/bowie joint set was and remains a highlight. way more people left after nin in north america, compared to bowie in the UK. ie you could feel the bowie love in the UK. mozz was in a terrible mood during this era. barely spoke to the crowd and performance felt distant.

      last the whole affair became an insurance issue...mozz needed to prove it was legit medical to file claim. this taints the reality....
    17. Keith Grossmith
      Keith Grossmith
      I am a huge fan of both and sincerely believe that the media have a lot to answer for. The worst of these is (or was) the now defunct eNMEy, who launched a tirade of accusations on Morrissey in the early '90's, predominantly revolving around his supposed racism. This reared its disgusting head again, a year ago, to the point that Morrissey cancelled the remainder of his UK tour, for fear of being attacked.

      I ask the question:

      If Morrissey was racist, then how does he manage to stay so revered all over the world, by fans who he apparently looks down on?

      The same accusation was aimed at Bowie, with the infamous 'Nazi salute' at Victoria Station and stirred up profound anti Bowie sentiments.

      My point is that I have yet to see anything that was said, written or otherwise intimated by either artist, to support these vulgar accusations.

      With Morrissey, a main supposition was that he came on stage with a Union Jack draped around his neck, at the Madstock event, so he MUST be racist???? Well, by that understanding, do we accuse Geri Halliwell of the same, for wearing her iconic Union Jack Dress?

      Bowie's 'crime' was that he was living in Berlin, wearing black and waving to fans, which looked suspiciously like a Nazi salute.


      In short, I believe that there was certainly friction between these two geniuses. Historically, this is (and has to be) the way. It is part of a creative individuals' make up, to have fractious and sometimes short-lived relationships with others who operate similarly.

      The evidence is not only there with the breakdown of their 'friendship' but also in the similar attacks by nasty and jealous journalists, who lie.
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    18. Anonymous
      Morrissey isn't a racist. He's a nationalist. He wants everything to be as it was while he was growing up + until the early 90s. Mass immigration destroys the original cultures of cities and countries. A melting pot with every ingredient makes a vile stew.
      That's why he can love Los Angeles because they already were 50% hispanic/mestizo when he toured/lived there, and hate London which wasn't 50% Pakistani when he was young.
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    19. SuedeMoz
      Pointless trying to take sides now. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
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