Boston, MA - Wang Theatre (Oct. 5, 2012) post-show

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Set List:

You Have Killed Me / Alma Matters / You're The One For Me, Fatty / A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Spring-Heeled Jim / Maladjusted / Let Me Kiss You / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Speedway / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / Fantastic Bird / People Are The Same Everywhere / Meat Is Murder / Scandinavia / I Know It's Over / I'm OK By Myself // How Soon Is Now?

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Little question I figured I'd ask.

Went to the show last night and had a great time. Knew a fair amount of his solo stuff but am mostly just a Smiths fan, however there was one song I didn't recognize. Looking through the setlist I can't find it, but what was that very heavy song they played that was also quite long. I think it was the one where the guitarist on the right started off playing solo.




My response to complains that the audience was subdued, lame, too quiet. The job of the audience is to buy the ticket and show up. It's the job of the performer to get them off their seat. I've been to shows where the audience was older, farther away, and paid a lot more for their seat and they were having a great time dancing and singing along. Not the case on Friday. Possibly there was something about the videos of animals being brought to slaughter and the 2 minute list of maladies to start off the show that put people on their heels.


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Been wanting to see Morrissey for many years. Last night was my first time seeing him and it blew away my expectations. Yes the crowd generally sucked, but I came for Morrissey, not them and he was lively and didn't seem to mind. The band was also in top form, unlike what I've heard in so many tour vids and from people's past comments. Upon leaving I wondered, how do I return to life after this? Then remembered, I get to do it again in Portland and Burlington. Thank you Morrissey and the beautiful fans I met.


good day eveyone. thanks for all the info you posted regarding the boston show. i will be at the las vegas show in november, and intend on buying one of everything,(literally) at the merchandise stand. can anyone please, please, give a a 'detailed' list of all the merchandise and the cost? i saw, and please correct me if i am wrong, 7 t-shirts at $30 each, an apron for $30 as well, and what looks like a black hoodie for $50. i would appreciate greatly if anyone could tell me what else is up for grabs, and how much! posters? pin badges? programmes? key rings? any info would help and would be much appreciated.- cheers moz fans! grazie!


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It was a very good show last night on Boston. I met MozSolo citizen Frosty who sat next to me. I must say that people at Morrissey shows are always very friendly and fun to chat with. Somehow I always assume that everyone at a Moz show must come to this site regularly, but then when I was talking to folks in the lobby beforehand they were blown away at the stuff that any regular here would know (Kristeen Young is an acquired taste and was fired and then rehired as an opener; That Moz has no contract and is playing some new songs. Jeesh!)

Anyway, the lobby stayed packed during Kristeen's set as people mingled and drank. The Wang is a beautiful theater. (There, I said it with a straight face.) Not to rehash the endless debate about "the list" but DOG-almightly it is such a drain on the atmosphere. The music films before that are great, but then everyone stands and stands and stands. Enough with the list! Moz' voice sounded great all night. Not sure what others were hearing who said he sounded like he had a cold. He sounded wonderful. The song that he let the fans sing, I took as just letting people take over...I've seen a million groups do that. I thought the crowd was appropriately excited, so if the people in LA don't like a Boston crowd, then too bad.

The first part of the set was excellent. I love Fatty and A Rush and Paris and Ouija! WOW! I know many people were excited to hear Spring Heeled Jim, but that was the start of a LONG stretch of slow tempo songs. I know he can't play just upbeat songs, but that was a painful stretch. I also thought that not introducing some of the songs was a bad idea. As I said, not everyone at these shows reads this website. Would it kill him to say, "This is a new song called X?" Or to explain that "To Give" was a Frankie Valli cover (I had to ask Frosty if that was a new one.) Even though he seemed to be in a good mood, he was not very forthcoming with chat. I thought his comment about Winnie Wang was juvenile and out of line.

Meat is Murder is still a great song and was well performed, but f*** all that video shit.

The end of the show was great (many successful stage invasions), but I felt like he was scheduled to play more than one song for the encore. It seemed like he threw his shirt, walked off, and the band was (imho) waiting for him to come back, but the lights came up and that was it.

No one has mentioned that the front section of seats was set off with a velvet rope so that it was virtually impossible to get close for a handshake or to invade unless you had seats right up front. Relatedly, I will never buy tickets during a Morrissey pre-sale as they are always far from the best seats. I bought mine the moment they went on pre-sale and was 1/3 of the way back and not in the center. Don't get me wrong, I had a decent seat, but considering when I bought it, there is no way that several hundred people bought up all the seats in front of me.

Take away message: Good setlist, if too slow in the middle. He looks and sounds great. Hope the rest of the tour goes as well.
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I went to the show and was in the 13th row, center. I thought Morrissey sounded like he had a bad cold. A lot of his low notes sounded scratchy, like he was struggling. And he backed off and let the audience sing a lot of the higher parts like in How Soon is Now, 'I am human and I need to be loved.' He rarely addressed the crowd and when he did, he sounded tired, like he just ran a few miles. There were highlights. Fatty and How Soon Is Now were pretty good. I thought the sound was pretty bad. His higher notes sounded terribly shrill and tinny. I'm not sure if the sound got better after the first few songs or if my ears began to tolerate and ignore it. I've seen morrissey 4 or 5 times and a huge fan but I wasn't very happy about this show. He looked and sounded old and tired too many times, although in between a few highlights.

Have to disagree. Was sitting in Orch Row D towards stage left. Moz was in top form, was playing around with the vocals and was really charging at the upper notes.

While not ultra-chatty in between songs, it must be noted that he and the band were racing through a dense setlist. In between song banter seemed to be a line or two - barely enough time for Boz and Jesse's guitar techs to get them a new guitar and then immediately into the next song. 20 songs in an hour and a half? Not much room for the Mozzer to jibber jabber.

If anything, I would say the way the band attacked the songs and the pacing of the setlist were pretty aggressive. I like the influence of the new drummer. His timing was tight, he absolutely flew through some killer fills - and while he definitely comes across as someone who enjoys beating the hell out of his drum kit, he did a nice job on the quieter numbers. I also have to give a shout-out to Jesse's playing. I also have to say Jesse's playing was incredibly disciplined. At times I've been critical of that chunka-chunka riff/chord thing he can do, which tends to occupy a lot of that same midrange space as Moz's vocals, but last night Jesse was really doing a great job complementing the arrangements. Whether that's a change in the setlist, a change in his approach, or something else - I don't really care, because he nailed it last night.

The whole band pinned it last night - tight tight tight and playing with an intensity that just seemed to give Moz a little extra oomph. Did he talk a lot? No, he just sang his ass off.

Fantastic show. So glad I went.


Looked like a great gig, nice to see new songs to set list, crowd was a joke, Saw him in Edinburgh and the place was rocking. :guitar:
I am happy you enjoyed the gig BUT I take issue with the fact that Edinburgh was "Rocking"
It most certainly was not, Morrissey and Kristeen Young put on a good show but the audience was useless...
The people standing were mostly just standing not moving at all, apart from a few at the front.
A number of people actually stayed sitting through the whole gig, a number of people were unhappy with the audience.
People just said "well, its Edinburgh". Manchester on the other hand was mental and a reminder at just how good Moz is.
The reason I mention this is because if the a crowd in Boston were worse than Ed..Then they must have been piss poor.
I would suggest you go to LA or maybe one of the NY gigs, it should be better there.

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Great set list which I'm hoping will be played in Auckland. Seems like Morrissey has given the set list a bit of thought and it's paying off.


ooooOOOOooo i love morrissey soo much, but please don't show me anything of truth. i'd rather keep the death of animals out of sight, out of mind. kthnx.

get over yourself.

anyways, i am looking forward to the nyc shows very much. this one seemed to be a good kick-off for the tour. decent setlist, etc.. i'll be the one in the 'vegan power' hoodie high fiving moz.


I am really shocked no one has YouTube'd Fantastic Bird.... Maybe they are holding out? That's the only song I really want to hear, because in a sense, IT IS new. Stop holding back, post it! Please? Much appreciated, in advance.


Thanks for the live 'JIM' Gisselle...
setlist is 5 times better than he did past one and a half year in UK, Europe and Asia, South America

Enjoy the shows you lucly ones in the USA

What dit you mean with s times better then in Europe?
What's wrong with the Eindhoven setlist ?
Nothing wrong with the European setlist i think

Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven, Netherlands august 15 2011:

Everyday Is Like Sunday
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
(The Smiths song)
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
You Have Killed Me
Alma Matters
People Are The Same Everywhere
Black Cloud
You're The One For Me, Fatty
Satellite of Love
(Lou Reed cover)
I Know It's Over
(The Smiths song)
Irish Blood, English Heart
Action Is My Middle Name
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Meat Is Murder
(The Smiths song)
First Of The Gang To Die

Boston, MA - Wang Theatre (Oct. 5, 2012):

You Have Killed Me /
Alma Matters /
You're The One For Me, Fatty /
A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours /
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris /
Ouija Board, Ouija Board /
Everyday Is Like Sunday /
Spring-Heeled Jim /
Maladjusted /
Let Me Kiss You /
To Give (The Reason I Live) /
Speedway /
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me /
Fantastic Bird / People Are The Same Everywhere /
Meat Is Murder /
Scandinavia /
I Know It's Over /
I'm OK By Myself //
How Soon Is Now?


I was at the show and the crowd was mellow but that was cuz of the set list. Not everyone who buys a ticket to a Moz show is a completest and knows the 3rd single off the You are the Quarry record. Not to mention it's not even that good of a song. If he wants people to go nuts the whole time then play all the tunes an American audience would deem popular.
Here, this should have been the set list, in no particular order.
There is a light
first of the gang
you have killed me
how soon is now
girlfriend in a coma
Every day is like sunday
Piccadilly palare
November spawned a monster
the more you ignore me
international playboys
we hate it when our friends become successful
cemetery gates
this charming man

There ya go, he does all those tunes anywhere in the US and everyone is going insane the whole time


Showmwas fantastic last night! Does anyone know the song or recording being played immediately before tHey went on? Was a bunch of negative words but the voice was intoxicating.


totally true.
I grew up going to shows in nyc and when i came to a few shows in boston around 2000 i was like 'where are the weird costumes? people dress up in nyc. ' and bostonians dont clap. encore? go fewk yerself. they simply DONT CLAP to cheer on an encore. i gave up. its like a us audience vs japan. even morr said "such polite applause".

i once heard peter murphy tell a NY audience "youre used to getting what you want all the time, well, you cant get THIS all the time" meaning he was feeling totally unappreciated by the lack of applause and enthusiasm.

>> boston audience... statues.[/QUOTE]

Chee Chee

re presales

well, i couldnt make up my mind between waterbury and boston and i bought my tickets for the boston show late, in fact, i got them off stubhub. cause the ticketbastard ones sucked. the stubhub ones were row w and about $125 a piece

i think that was in june.

i think it was late august i get email from tickettron (theyre still in business?) and for the f of it, i tried to get 2 tickets. it offered me row A orch left. no shit. so i bought em and sold the stubhub ones back on stubhub.

i got screwed on goldfrapp presale ticks, got WAY the f back, so, same thing, never again.

once again i got tix on stubhub a few days before a show, arrived 10 mins before door, and was UP FRONT for erasure. like 5' from the stage. insane. and i only paid $13 for the ticket.


Strangely, that is the PIT too, like the elitist ones. Just standing there. there was a velvet rope up there and it wasn't even completely full, as if not every occupant of the number of seats that were in that pit, were actually there in that section. security was also making people put away their cell phones and cameras and if you left the auditorium, you were not allowed to come back in, per the signs on the doors. i can see morr asking that like a contract thing. distracting to perform if people are walking around perhaps?

Thanks for the clip Giselle.
Is that audience awake? Are they even alive?
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