Book: "Save Us Morrissey" - due Christmas by Jared Morris & Brian Clymer (October 14, 2020)



Further, via the author:
"Hey gang. I was asked to provide some more info.

The book is a chronological comprehensive collection of essays re: every non-album recordings + all live bsides and alt versions Morrissey has released. A biographical telling of Morrissey, band members, cowriters and producers thru 478 sources, music theory, analytical review and commentary. Unlike list books, each essay is a "deep dive". every entry gets between 2-18 pages. It's told in a conversational AP style and includes information about live performances, other artists cover versions, reissues, record store day releases etc. It's also not negative! I love Morrissey and his music so there's not any of the snarkiness you find in most writings about Morrissey and his work. It also explores some of the press coverage in recent years which, with my broadcasting career, I feel I have a unique take on.

600 pages? It's cause it goes in depth on every song and recording covered. I didn't intend to write so much, but it's also illustrated to an extent.

Qualifications? It's my fourth book, I have a degree in Communcation, I've been a radio talk show host for 15 years, I've been a radio rock DJ for five years. I've written for newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. I'm also highly trained in music theory and audio production and have produced numerous albums for musicians in my area. And I've been playing music for 28 years at various clubs and venues in the Northeast. I also have 22 albums that are currently actively in print. There's also an art to it that I think makes it more compelling.

I wrote it because I wanted to further explore the very rare tracks of Morrissey and his co-writers. I started writing in during Covid quarantine to keep from going crazy. It was Alain Whyte's stay-at-homes sessions that inspired it.

If you "hard pass" on it, that's fine, Nobody has to buy it. But, there's no reason to be a dick about it. Just move along. Thanks - JMX

Edit: the cover star is named Joe Elmer, 1943. I don't think that's the finished cover art."

The final cover art:


Further details and a sample chapter:
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I applaud the author's application, but this would have had more import about 8 years ago. Certainly fewer avowed aficionados now.
The world needs this book at this time more than ever.

Appropriate title.

Rubbish book not needed at all. We only need a countdown to the final shows of Mozzzzzz’s career in MOZ VEGAS next year. After his death post Vegas concerts you are free to release any book about the California Son.
This book would save your life,

that’s if you had one.

How would you know? Your eyes are so encrusted with Morrissey’s, dried up - “poor-me” jizz - that you’d need a demo-hammer to clear them out.
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