Book of Life Thread

First person to thank is gotta be Iggy Pop.
Iggy didn't wanna make rootie-toot music, so he went ahead and did his own thing.
Iggy also showed a young Turkey that there was somethin' besides all the slobbery.
Thanks Mr. P.
Love Wild T!


Ketamine Sun


On behalf of all of us, I’d like to thank
Morrissey for simply being and giving
his being to those of us that were strange enough to hear, understand and take the journey by his side through his art.


:rock::rock::rock: :cool:
Ah what's happenin' GC.
Ya showed Wild T so many roads GC.
Ya know, stuff like "Open up your funky mind and you can fly",
and "The Funk not only moves, it removes."
Love ya GC.
Funk you very much.

Good Vibrations of the Pet Sounds.
Turkey excitations!
Ye sweet Prince of harmony.
The orchestrator of waves.
Smile while the Surfer Girl rides Wind Chimes.
Love ya Brian!

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Ketamine Sun

Two of my favorites from the awesomeness above! .....

'I'm convinced of it
The hypnosis of our minds can take us far away’

Clinton genius enough to let Eddie Hazel do his thang ....

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Ah there she is.
The Lady with the vagabond ways.
The creeps and streets couldn't put ya to sleep.
Ye with the energy of gold.
The art in ya eyes and voice.
Love ya Miss Faithful.

Dear Zippy,
Thank ya for havin' fun and makin' me laugh.
They didn't believe Wild T when I'd tell'em that ya would visit me.
They just said I was super foolish, but in my heart it was so real.
And you even spoke to me, and said:

Here's to ya John Sheahan!
Last survivin' member of the original Dubliners.
Wizard on the fiddle, tin whistle, mandolin, accordion, banjo, hurdy gurdy and more!
May the sun shine warm upon ya face Johnny!

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Pasquale Caputo b.k.a. Pat Cooper, is a genius of himself.
A man in "A" company, not "B" company.
A man who refuses to lose his dignity, just to be accepted by the rootie-toots of show business.
On July 31st, Pat turned 91 and the fire still burns baby.

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