Book of Condolence Thread

British author Lynne Reid Banks has died aged 94. Her first novel, The L-Shaped Room, was turned into a film in 1962. The Smiths' song The Queen Is Dead samples a song from that film.
It's hard to know because I don't have the mindset to kill my ex wife in the first place! I think OJ would though!

Would you?

You do think he would make a deathbed confession? I’m not sure, he might find satisfaction in taking that secret with him to the grave, that’s of course if he committed the crimes in the first place.

Of course it’s not a brave move at all. But yes,
I’d probably spill the beans if I knew I was going to die anyway. You wouldn’t though?
Graeme Naysmith, guitarist for Pale Saints has died.
That's devastating news. A Pale Saints reunion never looked likely, but now it can be ruled out.

Graeme Naysmith gave us so many wonderful guitarscapes, and this is my favourite:
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