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There's no pain, there's no more sorrow
They're all gone, gone in the years, babe

I sat for a while at the cross at Finnoe
Where young lovers would meet when the flowers were in bloom
Heard the men coming home from the fair at Shinrone
Their hearts in Tipperary wherever they go.

His mother's family hails from north Tipperary, where he's quietly but visibly celebrated in many public places.

Our sound poet-President here said:

The genius of Shane's contribution includes the fact that his songs capture within them, as Shane would put it, the measure of our dreams - of so many worlds, and particularly those of love, of the emigrant experience and of facing the challenges of that experience with authenticity and courage, and of living and seeing the sides of life that so many turn away from.


He was born on Christmas Day, and today is also the anniversary of Oscar Wilde's death.

I thought it was hilarious when he called Laurence fox 'you herrenvolk shite" :lbf:

That WAS funny. Especially since Lozza had been trying to defend the Pogues over some BBC censorship issue and then Shane MacGowan turns around and tells him to f*** off "you little Herrenvolk shite" :lbf:

John Byrne! It won't be the same without him. He's probably most known for a TV series in the 1980s called Tutti Frutti, about a 1960s rock band having a nightmarish reunion tour? A very well loved & generous soul.


Morrissey & Benjamin both had some involvement with:


(I believe they both had some communication with The Animal Welfare Party too)

Morrissey & Benjamin both had some involvement with:

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(I believe they both had some communication with The Animal Welfare Party too)

Lovely and comprehensive obituary to Benjamin Zephaniah, including veganism refs

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Marisa Pavan
June 19 1932 - December 6 2023
Italian actor Pavan starred in The Rose Tattoo (1955) with Burt Lancaster and Anna Magnani, and other notable films

RIP Shirley Anne Field.
"Doreen" in one of Morrissey's favourites:
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning.



Actor from a Morrissey soap favourite - Emmerdale being a topic that was mentioned on stage quite a few times.
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